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Most Elegant and Effective Translation Tool – Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Instant On-Screen Translate

As we all know that information/knowledge flowing around without any boundaries; however, there are some limitations due to language differences. Thanks to modern tech that we can easily find proper translation tools to get jobs done. Google translate is an fantastic app to get this type of jobs done. This time, Samsung took it to […]

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Come On, Apple… You Must Be Either Super Smart Or Super Dumb

When we talk about Apple, we instantly link the image to the iPhone since that’s the hottest consumer gadget at all time and still the most wanted gadget around the globe. What’s make the iPhone this super popular? One of the most important traits is its “Camera“. And … what do we need the camera […]

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Do You Know That AliExpress is Powering Most of the eCom Sites around the Globe?

We weren’t planning to publish this article but when one of us saw a post on “The Verge” – Amazon’s new ‘$10 and Under with free shipping’ section takes on budget shopping app Wish – we thought that … well… we might as well get this over with.   “Wish” is “AliExpress” in Disguise Or … […]

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Galaxy S9 is Coming – Specs, Release Date, Launch Date & Price

It’s the time of the year again. Samsung had confirmed (earlier this month at CES 2018) that the expected new king of the android smartphone world, Galaxy S9/S9+ will be unveiled at MWC (mobile world congress) in February which is about a month from now. Don’t know if you are like us that our muscle […]

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“Alexa, Flush Toilet?” – Smart Bathroom – Do We Really Need That?

“Everything-Everywhere-Connectivity” is happening. It simply means that anything can be connected (via the Internet), will be connected. It also means that anything that can be controlled by voice commands, will be controlled by voice commands. But… do we really need (or even want) everything in our lives to be connected?   Kohler Introduced Smart Bathroom […]

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Best Voice Assistant On Your Phone

  Q: What do you call an iPhone that isn’t kidding around? A: Dead Siri-ous source:     As all smartphone users know (iPhones and android phones or even the deceased platform, window mobile) that Siri was the first virtual assistant being officially and grandiosely introduced to the world (although we already had some […]

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Text While Driving – Solutions

Cars will soon have the Internet on the dashboard. I worry that this will distract me from my texting. – Andy Borowitz   From the quote above, we know that a LOT of people do text while driving even though all of us know that we should NOT and it is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. However, it’s […]

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Man vs. Computer

Man is a slow, sloppy and brilliant thinker; the machine is fast, accurate and stupid. – William M. Kelly Very funny & “accurate”. Precisely pointed out what’s the difference between the computer and its inventor – “us”. We are all deluded by the machine’s pretentious smartness which in recent years is being called “AI – […]

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Backup! Backup! Backup! — Google Photos Come to Rescue (Not iOS Though)

Yesterday we lost a month of photos & videos on our (still) brand new iPhone 8 Plus… What happened? Well… no one knows exactly… yesterday morning, we just did the iOS upgrade… we upgraded to iOS 11.2.2 and after that we still used the phone during variety of things such as web browsing, media consumptions […]

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