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This Will Change Everything Again – Edge to Edge Touchscreen Macbook

We all know that Apple must have its touchscreen Mac under development although Apple has been in decline mode publicly. There are evidences showing that we might be able to see the touchscreen technology which has been long lived in Windows computers on the next generation macbook. According to a patent filed with the European […]

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Face ID iPad – What To Expect at WWDC 2018

A lot of people (or pundits to be exact) have been talking about how badly the iPhone X sales number is. Well… it’s apparent that the number wasn’t as stellar as the previous iPhone models but … the reason isn’t the design of the iPhone X… the reason of the staggered sales is … the […]

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Apple Is Winning On Both Consumer Market As Well As Business World

Walmart revealed its plan to lower IT support costs by replacing PCs with Mac computers. Walmart currently manages about 7,000 Mac computers globally. Miles Leacy, Walmart’s ‘technical expert for Apple technologies’ said that “This time next year we will probably be managing 100,000 Macs,” Leacy told the JNUC crowd. “In a few months we are […]

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Apple will make its first Taiwan Apple Store debut in July 1st

Apple will make its first Taiwan Apple Store debut in July 1st Yes, it’s the first Apple retail store in Taiwan even though Taiwan consumers have been big fans of Apple products for decades. The first Apple store will open in July 1st in “Taipei 101” shopping mall located in the busiest district of Taipei […]

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