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Volatility Is Not The Problem of Cryptocurrencies

Sure, you should invest in something that’s not that volatile if you reside on the more stable side of the equation. However, the super mode of the fluctuations daily or even hourly on the cryptocurrency market is one of the reasons why it’s so attractive, it’s so valuable, and it’s embraced by so many people. […]

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$50 Million ICO Scam PR Stunt, or Is It?

The $50 Million heist PR Stunt was revealed yesterday on twitter – “SAVEDROID” a startup founded by Dr. Yassin Hankir (who is also the face of the $50M ICO scam PR stunt) and is aiming to develop an AI to manage users investment relating to cryptocurrency and crypto-backed credit card. Dr. Yassin Hankir posted a […]

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Blockchain is NOT Cryptocurrency

Although so much buzzes and so much coverage from virtually everywhere no matter which continent you live, many of us still don’t really understand what’s “Cryptocurrency” and/or “Blockchain technology”. This article is aiming to really have you having a basic understanding on its fundamentals rather than an investment guide.   Blockchain is NOT Cryptocurrency Until […]

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