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2017 Official Black Friday Sales & Deal Alerts

Although “2017 Black Friday” has begun since yesterday (online as well as in store), the official “Black Friday Sales” starts today. Just wanna be clear that … however lots of deals are already gone (e.g., $240 USD iPad 5th Gen deals from Target & Walmart), there are still so much to grab if you are […]

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Black Friday Shopping Marathon Begins Now

This year is going to be different. It’s going to be a new era for the Black Friday Shopping events. Most of the Black Friday Shoppings are going to be done online rather than in stores. Why was that? Because … first … you don’t need to wait in line for long hours and fight […]

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This Weekend Deals On Amazon – $34.99 All-New Fire Tablet Leading The Way

Yes, it’s time for our weekly weekend deals and today … Amazon’s own fire tablet is leading the way for its prime members. Do you know that you can only pay less than 35 bucks to get an fantastic tablet along with Alexa (the world’s most popular AI assistant) right in it? That’s right… your […]

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Unlimited Plan, Wait… It’s Actually Unlimited Limited Plan… What???

Consumers are all tired and already lost the appetite to even fight back with whatever US wireless carriers’ are playing. Whatever you guys offer, just bring it on. We will stay as we see fit and we aren’t loyal to you guys anymore since… you keep lying to us. “Unlimited Plan” should be just … […]

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Technology Innovations – US Is Leading The Way?

“Silicon Valley” – this is the first name appearing on everyone’s mind when talking about technology especially the tech startups or the new tech innovations/inventions. It’s true that most of the new tech stuff (software and hardware) are incubated, hatched, cultivated here right in the Valley. As Paul Graham, founder of Y Combinator (the most […]

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Hello iPhone, You Totally Killed Us – the top 5 products being killed by the smartphone

Hello iPhone, you totally Killed Us – the top 5 products being killed by the smartphone Back to the dark days (prior iPhone), technology was still booming… there were still excitements and lots of new inventions sprouting everywhere. However, there was one problem that everyone was facing and not happy about it. The problem was […]

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