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How To Unlock Your Phone With Your Voice Only

You thought that you can only unlock your phone by typing secured password/pin in, by using your fingerprint, or lately by using your face (either iPhone X Face ID or Samsung’s Face Recognition); in fact, there is a even smarter, more elegant, easier, and more humane way of doing so — “Just Speak Out”. If […]

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How To Watch Super Bowl This Sunday Without Cable Subscriptions

It’s coming… the “Super Bowl LII” is coming in 2 days. This Sunday, February 4th, we will be able to enjoy the most exciting so called “American Sport” (Football) Super Bowl LII at 6pm Eastern Time. Prior the smartphone era, it’s hard for football fans to embrace the Super Bowl that easily. Now, thanks to the […]

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Five Note 8 Features You Should Know and Master

Since we talked about iPhone X yesterday, we should NOT ignore the Android King of the smartphone as of today – “Galaxy Note 8”. There is a reason why a lot of consumers voice for android phones and today we are going to give you 5 features on the King of Android that you should […]

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Turn Any Android Phone Into An iPhone X with Those 2 Apps

Two days ago, we published an writing about how iPhone X peacefully ended the iPhone and Android phones war (you can take a look at it here – “Thanks To IPhone X – The IPhone And Android Phone War Is OVER“). That’s not a false statement and, really, … we aren’t exaggerating. iPhone X should […]

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Thanks to iPhone X –  The iPhone and Android Phone War is OVER

We’d like to continue the thought of the iPhone X which is still the most discussed/talked smartphone out in the market today. Again, either it’s a revolutionized product, it remains to be seen; however, the impact that it brings to the table is huge. In fact, it just much bigger than Apple initially measured before […]

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Most Elegant and Effective Translation Tool – Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Instant On-Screen Translate

As we all know that information/knowledge flowing around without any boundaries; however, there are some limitations due to language differences. Thanks to modern tech that we can easily find proper translation tools to get jobs done. Google translate is an fantastic app to get this type of jobs done. This time, Samsung took it to […]

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Galaxy S9 is Coming – Specs, Release Date, Launch Date & Price

It’s the time of the year again. Samsung had confirmed (earlier this month at CES 2018) that the expected new king of the android smartphone world, Galaxy S9/S9+ will be unveiled at MWC (mobile world congress) in February which is about a month from now. Don’t know if you are like us that our muscle […]

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Happy New Year – “Self-Driving Truck” & “360 Degree Camera” Are Rising Stars in 2018

First, “Happy New Year” to all of our readers. It was a great year 2017. We experienced lots of tech events and played with variety of tech inventions. It really was a great breakthrough year for lots of technologies in so many ways. And … now… we are finally and officially stepped into the year […]

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Apple Follows Up for The iPhone Slowdown Issue, Offers $29 Battery Replacements Till December 2018

As we all know that Apple deliberately slows down older generation iPhones (some of them aren’t that old… such as the iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus), it has stirred so much buzzes and caused so much troubles for Apple so far. There are 12 ongoing cases (the number is still rising) against Apple as […]

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Wireless == Happiness

After years of wireless charging technology wildly implemented on almost all high-end Android phones, Apple finally decided it’s time to get its deeply beloved iPhones (that’s right because Apple released two new iPhones this year – iPhone 8 & iPhone X) into the wireless charging game arena. Now … Apple users don’t need to deal […]

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