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Black Friday Shopping Marathon Begins Now

This year is going to be different. It’s going to be a new era for the Black Friday Shopping events. Most of the Black Friday Shoppings are going to be done online rather than in stores. Why was that? Because … first … you don’t need to wait in line for long hours and fight […]

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Big Phones; Small Phones

It’s just a fad holding the helm for the size of our beloved smartphones. Remember that … back to 2006 prior the iPhone’s birth, manufacturers were putting efforts to make cellphones as small as possible. Do you remember the LG lipstick style cellphone? Not only LG but all the cellphone makers were doing the same […]

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“KRACK” – Every WIFI Connecting Device Is Vulnerable

Funny aside, there has been a wide spread concern in about month relating to what matters to most of the main stream users’ daily lives – “wifi” connection. What is “KRACK”? Simply put that the core wifi encryption “WPA2” protocol has a vital flaw in it that can let hackers tweak already used keys to […]

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This Week Deals On Amazon – Qi-Enabled Wireless Charger/Station/Pad

We have been longing for a wireless charging enabled iPhone for decades (… literally from the 1st-gen iPhone) but Apple had never given us that even when all other competitors started introducing wireless charging smartphones couple of years back. Finally, Apple announced and released their first wireless charging enabled iPhone, iPhone 8 series. And the […]

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How To Get a Free Gear 360 Camera Before the End Of Next Week

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is a big product launch and it offered a hefty promotions if you made pre-orders before September 15th which was last Friday. Do you know that you can still get a FREE Gear 360 Camera if you purchase (or lease) your Galaxy Note 8 by September 24th? That’s right, you will […]

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This Weekend Deals On Amazon – $34.99 All-New Fire Tablet Leading The Way

Yes, it’s time for our weekly weekend deals and today … Amazon’s own fire tablet is leading the way for its prime members. Do you know that you can only pay less than 35 bucks to get an fantastic tablet along with Alexa (the world’s most popular AI assistant) right in it? That’s right… your […]

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Best Note 8 Deals (BOGO – Buy One Get One Free) Are Yet To Come — T-Mobile Is At The Helm

T-Mobile –> BOGO (Buy One Get One Free) Have you noticed that T-Mobile is on the news almost every single day. Their aims to overtake the position where Verizon Wireless and AT&T are at today is still a long way to go in terms of the number of subscribers. However, if you are talking about […]

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Galaxy Note 8 Reclaimed The Smartphone Camera Throne

Have you watched the keynote of the Samsung Unpacked 2017 yesterday? If not yet, take a look at it here (It’s directly from Samsung’s website. You should fast forward it to about 32:16 and starts from there)¬† … It’s refreshing, it’s interesting, and it’s amazing. From the form of the presentation, to the content they […]

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Sprint Flex Let You Have Newest Smartphones Every Year

Sprint Flex Let You Have Newest Smartphones Every Year Upgrading phones are great; however, it is costly especially if you are upgrading to the newest and hottest smartphones like Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones. Sprint new Flex leasing plan gives you the most affordable and flexible way of upgrading your phones every year. In […]

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