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Black Friday Shopping Marathon Begins Now

This year is going to be different. It’s going to be a new era for the Black Friday Shopping events. Most of the Black Friday Shoppings are going to be done online rather than in stores. Why was that? Because … first … you don’t need to wait in line for long hours and fight […]

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The Future Of Grocery Shopping – Straight Into Your Refrigerator

It’s a bold statement that Walmart brought a future grocery shopping concept to the table that is asking consumers to allow deliveries right into customers homes (due to the nature of the brand reputation). Although the whole statement sounds super skeptical to a degree, it’s catching attentions for sure. Think about that if it really […]

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Google + Walmart > Amazon ?

Everyone should notice by now that Amazon is eating the world in a rapid speed. No one can even distantly challenge Amazon’s leading position alone since no one has all the balanced powers that Amazon has. Walmart, the biggest retailer in the world, has been put in the inferior position for years since its inability […]

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Amazon Prime Wardrobe brings department stores to you for free

Amazon Prime Wardrobe basically brings a department store to you with no cost at all Amazon has been on the stage non-stop this year. From the beginning of the year winning 3 oscars to 2 days ago the release of its new Prime Wardrobe service, it has been blowing everyone’s mind of how many things […]

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Amazon + Whole Foods – Watch out grocery chains. Amazon is going to overflow its banks and topple your homes

Amazon + Whole Foods – Watch out grocery chains. Amazon is going to overflow its banks and topple your homes In the past couple of days the internet has been churring through the story of Amazon is buying Whole Food for $13.7B and what means to other grocery chains also to the future of shopping. It’s […]

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