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Bitcoin Hits New Record High – $8,101.91

Remembering we mentioned “Bitcoin Plunges But Does It Matter?” on November 13th which is just a week ago after Bitcoin feel to around $5,500 on November 12th? That’s right. It really does NOT matter at all because it rises again and it will still be going up and up and up for a foreseeable future. […]

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Bitcoin Plunges But Does It Matter?

Well… more and more people are on the side of believing “Cryptocurrency Bubble” is on the making; however, it’s that really what underneath the hood of this bitcoin sensation for the last couple of years? Also… does it matter if Bitcoin plunges today or for a few days? The history (although isn’t long since Bitcoin […]

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You’ve Got A Mail!

The title might let you remember the movie “You’ve Got Mail” in 1998 and … it’s true that the technology has changed human beings’ lives that much. From urging to stay connected online to finding a way to disengage from the always connected technology today. Yup… “you’ve got a mail” follows you 24/7 in your […]

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This Week Accessories for the Adorable Amazon Echo Dot

First of all, if you are browsing through the great collection of this week’s amazon echo dot accessories, you must be having, at least, one this tiny little adorable Echo dot device already. If not, it’s no big deal because we are kicking this event off from the first offering which is “Fire TV Stick […]

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Amazon Echo Dot Only $39.99 Today Only

The smart speaker war is heating up and the price of those great assistants are just getting better from consumer’s angle. If you don’t want to wait until Black Friday (even it’s just 3 weeks away), Cyber Monday, or X’mas for the better deals which you might or might not have from those smart speakers, […]

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Google Home Mini Most Needed “Ability”

We all know that in which areas Alexa are better and in what arenas Google Home (mini) can provide better helps. For instance, Google’s core – “Search” – provides the best user experiences in this turf. Alexa is being the best on the smart home 3rd party integration and so many fun and useful skills […]

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Google Home Mini Levels Smart Speaker War To Another Notch

Less than 50 bucks and you can have a very very very competent assistant who can not only manage your smart home appliances, but also arranging your shopping list, todo list, your meeting schedules, and so much more (e.g., your music preference …etc.) About a year ago, the smart speaker market was just started to […]

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This Smart Light Bulb Let’s You Listen To Music Too

Wanna know the “Smartest Light Bulb” of all in the market so far? Take a look at this Sengled Solo Dimmable LED Bulb. It not only can let you control it use your voice command (without any hubs being a middle man) but also can play music (producing sounds) right on the bulb itself. THAT […]

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The Dark Side Of Loving Your Home AI Assistant

Yes, it’s a proving thing that having a home AI assistant (aka – smart speaker for now) is a wonderful thing. It can not only simplify our lives but also entertain us… most importantly, it automates so many trivial routines which aren’t worth our time of doing them (e.g., on/off switches, preparing shopping/todo lists, check […]

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