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All Computing Devices Are In Danger – 2 New Found Major Computer Flaws

Often by the time when we heard there are new found computer security flaws, they were usually being patched (fixed) before the news was released. Therefore, consumers weren’t needing to do too much except… installing the patches to fix the flaws. So … no harm would be caused by the new found computer flaws. However, […]

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Missed Black Friday Deals? Cyber Monday Comes to Rescue

We know that many of you might not get what you plan to grab on this year’s insanely great Black Friday Deals around all the major retailers. You might be still remorse for not getting up earlier to shop online or get to the store an hour before the store opened for the Black Friday […]

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“KRACK” – Every WIFI Connecting Device Is Vulnerable

Funny aside, there has been a wide spread concern in about month relating to what matters to most of the main stream users’ daily lives – “wifi” connection. What is “KRACK”? Simply put that the core wifi encryption “WPA2” protocol has a vital flaw in it that can let hackers tweak already used keys to […]

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Hello, I am a Mac – Mac vs. PC Campaigns

Since we mentioned that Mac computer has been winning on both consumer market and corporation turf, we decided to bring the “Mac vs. PC” campaigns to you via this post. Those “PC vs. Mac” commercials were all meant to degrade non-mac OS computers especially computers running Microsoft Windows operating system. It’s true to a degree […]

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Portable Google Home? Meet TicHome Mini

The Home AI speaker market is a very interesting space for every company. Some are making their own moves (their own AI assistants and devices), some are partnering up with existing players. For instance, TP-LINK partners with Amazon to bring its branded home AI speakers to the market. Yes, it’s using Alexa. Surprisingly that the […]

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The Future of the Smartphone on Your Wrist – Looks Great but Not Practical

The Future of the Smartphone on your wrist – Looks great but not practical Everyone who wants to have a smartphone has a smartphone already (at least in the US market) – this is the goal of Steven Jobs, Founder of Apple Inc. Since smartphone technology is in the mature stage, the next question is […]

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