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Bitcoin Hits New Record High – $8,101.91

Remembering we mentioned “Bitcoin Plunges But Does It Matter?” on November 13th which is just a week ago after Bitcoin feel to around $5,500 on November 12th? That’s right. It really does NOT matter at all because it rises again and it will still be going up and up and up for a foreseeable future. […]

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Low Battery???

Have you ever faced a situation that when you are really needing your smartphones to do smart things, the “Low Battery” sign just suddenly jumps out of nowhere and starts teasing you with a silly smile … “hey pal, happy to see me ^_^” … it’s really annoying and frustrating. Although we hate this situation, […]

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You’ve Got A Mail!

The title might let you remember the movie “You’ve Got Mail” in 1998 and … it’s true that the technology has changed human beings’ lives that much. From urging to stay connected online to finding a way to disengage from the always connected technology today. Yup… “you’ve got a mail” follows you 24/7 in your […]

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Apple Is Winning On Both Consumer Market As Well As Business World

Walmart revealed its plan to lower IT support costs by replacing PCs with Mac computers. Walmart currently manages about 7,000 Mac computers globally. Miles Leacy, Walmart’s ‘technical expert for Apple technologies’ said that “This time next year we will probably be managing 100,000 Macs,” Leacy told the JNUC crowd. “In a few months we are […]

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Google Home Mini Levels Smart Speaker War To Another Notch

Less than 50 bucks and you can have a very very very competent assistant who can not only manage your smart home appliances, but also arranging your shopping list, todo list, your meeting schedules, and so much more (e.g., your music preference …etc.) About a year ago, the smart speaker market was just started to […]

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This Smart Light Bulb Let’s You Listen To Music Too

Wanna know the “Smartest Light Bulb” of all in the market so far? Take a look at this Sengled Solo Dimmable LED Bulb. It not only can let you control it use your voice command (without any hubs being a middle man) but also can play music (producing sounds) right on the bulb itself. THAT […]

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Google Has Just Being Crippled On The Smart Home Race By Itself & Alexa’s New Ability

If you follow the tech news, you should know that Google Home Mini got some negative attention last week – “The Dark Side Of Loving Your Home AI Assistant“. The hardware and software integration got screwed on the touched functionality on its newly introduced Google Home Mini which was expected to gain some significant smart […]

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