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2017 Official Black Friday Sales & Deal Alerts

Although “2017 Black Friday” has begun since yesterday (online as well as in store), the official “Black Friday Sales” starts today. Just wanna be clear that … however lots of deals are already gone (e.g., $240 USD iPad 5th Gen deals from Target & Walmart), there are still so much to grab if you are […]

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Black Friday Shopping Marathon Begins Now

This year is going to be different. It’s going to be a new era for the Black Friday Shopping events. Most of the Black Friday Shoppings are going to be done online rather than in stores. Why was that? Because … first … you don’t need to wait in line for long hours and fight […]

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Amazon vs. Walmart – the Delivery War Heating Up

  Amazon’s response to Walmart’s “Future of delivery” move is – the “Amazon Key” Well… essentially it is the same move from those two 500 pounds gorillas. You can take a look at the Amazon Key video from above and the Walmart’s “Why the Future Could Mean Delivery Straight Into Your Fridge” video as follows, […]

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Amazon Has No Real Competitors? Walmart Is In Place To Force Amazon Out Of The Throne

Almost everyone (in the United States) thinks that Amazon is too big to compete. Amazon has no real competitors in place. With over 85 million prime members backing them up, no one has the chance to succeed in the war with Amazon. Well… that’s a reasonable and somewhat accurate point of view. However, in the […]

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The Future Of Grocery Shopping – Straight Into Your Refrigerator

It’s a bold statement that Walmart brought a future grocery shopping concept to the table that is asking consumers to allow deliveries right into customers homes (due to the nature of the brand reputation). Although the whole statement sounds super skeptical to a degree, it’s catching attentions for sure. Think about that if it really […]

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Google + Walmart > Amazon ?

Everyone should notice by now that Amazon is eating the world in a rapid speed. No one can even distantly challenge Amazon’s leading position alone since no one has all the balanced powers that Amazon has. Walmart, the biggest retailer in the world, has been put in the inferior position for years since its inability […]

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Not Convenient Enough? Amazon Introduced The “Hub”

If you still think shopping on Amazon isn’t convenient enough, just wait for 5 minutes. It’s just like the e-commerce giant is introducing new services every 5 minutes to make its shopping platform,, the world’s online shoppers GOTO place. From this simple mission, Amazon has been pushing the front to the next level. They […]

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