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SwipePad – Once You Use It, You Can’t Live Without It

The title doesn’t give you much to know, does it? That is because you really can NOT describe it before you use it on your “Android” smartphones. That’s right. It’s an app for android phones. It can extend your smartness of using your smartphone. It can save you so much time interacting with frequently used […]

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You Have 10,000+ Unread Emails – How To Clear Your Clogged Email Inbox

Do you often see the number of your email notification badge is over couple thousands or even move north of 10,000 (20,000 … or more) every time when you look at your iPhone home screen? Even if you don’t, you must have seen some of your friends or families having this sort of situations. Basically, […]

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Finally, iPhone Will Be Dominated by I-PHONE(S)

For most of us (tech enthusiasts) who plough through our day by juggling between iPhones and android phones, we just love the offers from both camps. Both OS are fantastic operating systems and both parties offer similar stuff and significantly different contents as well. However, for a loooonnnngggggg time, android users are trying to make their […]

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Alexa, Alexa, Who Is The Smartest Person In The World – Alexa on your phone

We all know Alexa, the most popular virtual assistant on the planet of earth as of today. She navigates us through ups and downs every single day of our lives. Once you have her, you most certainly cannot live without her (skills). The most commonly used skill of hers is controlling IoT (Internet of Things) […]

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