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Hello, I am a Mac – Mac vs. PC Campaigns

Since we mentioned that Mac computer has been winning on both consumer market and corporation turf, we decided to bring the “Mac vs. PC” campaigns to you via this post. Those “PC vs. Mac” commercials were all meant to degrade non-mac OS computers especially computers running Microsoft Windows operating system. It’s true to a degree […]

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No Touchscreen, No Problem – AirBar Turns Your Macbook Air Into Touchscreen MBA

  Nowadays consumers are living in the touching world. Interacting with machines with keyboards and mouses are too 19th century stuff. Using touchscreen interface is a must. However, even though lots of new windows PCs equip with this feature, a bunch of low-end or previous generation PCs don’t. So … how do you do that? […]

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Apple will make its first Taiwan Apple Store debut in July 1st

Apple will make its first Taiwan Apple Store debut in July 1st Yes, it’s the first Apple retail store in Taiwan even though Taiwan consumers have been big fans of Apple products for decades. The first Apple store will open in July 1st in “Taipei 101” shopping mall located in the busiest district of Taipei […]

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