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Big Phones; Small Phones

It’s just a fad holding the helm for the size of our beloved smartphones. Remember that … back to 2006 prior the iPhone’s birth, manufacturers were putting efforts to make cellphones as small as possible. Do you remember the LG lipstick style cellphone? Not only LG but all the cellphone makers were doing the same […]

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Low Battery???

Have you ever faced a situation that when you are really needing your smartphones to do smart things, the “Low Battery” sign just suddenly jumps out of nowhere and starts teasing you with a silly smile … “hey pal, happy to see me ^_^” … it’s really annoying and frustrating. Although we hate this situation, […]

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This Week Deals On Amazon – Qi-Enabled Wireless Charger/Station/Pad

We have been longing for a wireless charging enabled iPhone for decades (… literally from the 1st-gen iPhone) but Apple had never given us that even when all other competitors started introducing wireless charging smartphones couple of years back. Finally, Apple announced and released their first wireless charging enabled iPhone, iPhone 8 series. And the […]

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This Weekend Deals On Amazon – $34.99 All-New Fire Tablet Leading The Way

Yes, it’s time for our weekly weekend deals and today … Amazon’s own fire tablet is leading the way for its prime members. Do you know that you can only pay less than 35 bucks to get an fantastic tablet along with Alexa (the world’s most popular AI assistant) right in it? That’s right… your […]

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iPhone 8 & iPhone 8 Plus Pre-Order Went Live

Yes, it’s this time of the year that every one of the Apple fans is waiting to dial in and upgrade to Apple’s latest and greatest iPhone. Well… this year the time might be a little different though. We aren’t saying that Apple won’t sell the new iPhone like crazy… we are just saying that […]

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