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“KRACK” – Every WIFI Connecting Device Is Vulnerable

Funny aside, there has been a wide spread concern in about month relating to what matters to most of the main stream users’ daily lives – “wifi” connection. What is “KRACK”? Simply put that the core wifi encryption “WPA2” protocol has a vital flaw in it that can let hackers tweak already used keys to […]

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SwipePad – Once You Use It, You Can’t Live Without It

The title doesn’t give you much to know, does it? That is because you really can NOT describe it before you use it on your “Android” smartphones. That’s right. It’s an app for android phones. It can extend your smartness of using your smartphone. It can save you so much time interacting with frequently used […]

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You Have 10,000+ Unread Emails – How To Clear Your Clogged Email Inbox

Do you often see the number of your email notification badge is over couple thousands or even move north of 10,000 (20,000 … or more) every time when you look at your iPhone home screen? Even if you don’t, you must have seen some of your friends or families having this sort of situations. Basically, […]

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The Dark Side Of Loving Your Home AI Assistant

Yes, it’s a proving thing that having a home AI assistant (aka – smart speaker for now) is a wonderful thing. It can not only simplify our lives but also entertain us… most importantly, it automates so many trivial routines which aren’t worth our time of doing them (e.g., on/off switches, preparing shopping/todo lists, check […]

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Now You Can Speak To Alexa On Amazon Music App Too

We said this before but it’s getting clearer every single day that Alexa is becoming a norm … Alexa is becoming an (smart home) operating system, Alexa is getting into our daily lives deeper and deeper, Alexa is everywhere … and … it’s for GOOD. Now you can even access Alexa on the Amazon Music […]

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Finally, iPhone Will Be Dominated by I-PHONE(S)

For most of us (tech enthusiasts) who plough through our day by juggling between iPhones and android phones, we just love the offers from both camps. Both OS are fantastic operating systems and both parties offer similar stuff and significantly different contents as well. However, for a loooonnnngggggg time, android users are trying to make their […]

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How To Get a Free Gear 360 Camera Before the End Of Next Week

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is a big product launch and it offered a hefty promotions if you made pre-orders before September 15th which was last Friday. Do you know that you can still get a FREE Gear 360 Camera if you purchase (or lease) your Galaxy Note 8 by September 24th? That’s right, you will […]

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