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Fake News On Social Media? Try Those News Curation Apps

One of the prime reasons for many of us staying actively on social media (FB, Twitter, IG … etc) is to keep us up to date about important events/news happening around the world. However, this also created the catastrophic issue of the root cause of the “Fake News”. “Fake News” alone in a small scale seems and should cause no real harm at all; however, in a larger (national such as political campaigns or global such as influencing stock market… etc) scale, it really made some real damages on so many fronts. Here is an unbelievable example of how the fake news affect in a global scale. Have you heard the “fake CEO” story about a French company Laboratoires Berden? And its charismatic CEO, Eric Dumonpierre? If you are interested, you can click the link below. Also, a full story (study) can be read on HBR (Harvard Business Review) subscription required section also listed below. Basically, the fake news started as an experiment. The company and all the ensuing news/stories were created, and kept alive for a decade, by successive classes at HEC Paris, one of the world’s leading MBA course providers. It not only caught public audience’s eyes but also major news outlets’ attentions (helped spreading this fake news for a decade).

Fake News made real damages on many fronts in a larger scale



The fake CEO


From HBR

The Real Story of the Fake Story of One of Europe’s Most Charismatic CEOs


Is Social Media the One to Blame?

Social media is NOT the one to blame but it’s the one that is responsible since it provides platforms for the network effect to happen and, eventually, fast spread fake news to millions or even billions of people. The influence is unbelievable and the impact is catastrophically enormous.

One of the social media news feed sharing patterns is that it’s more segregated by personal preference than traditional media sources such as TV stations and news magazines … etc. What does this mean? It means if you are a conservative, you are much more likely to share and click certain types of posts. Hence, social media platform algorithms will set up a filter for you to keep seeing those types of news. Simply it makes opinions and views on political cases more extreme for instance.


The problem lying on the “Network Effect” is that social media news feed sharing pattern is more segregated


What Should We Do About It?

It’s up to a point that staying active on social media is not a choice but it’s a matter of discipline of engagement and disengagement nowadays. It’s a part of technology as a whole. It’s a part of our lives. Therefore, if you can, you should try not to engage too much on social media in terms of sharing and consuming news. Of course, you still should do that since social media platforms are acting as a communication tool for most of us these days and they do provide other positive values for sure. Ergo we should, if we can, cut a bit social media consuming time down and spend the time with our family/friends a bit more in person in stead of just engaging virtually. So … how about staying up to date with what’s happening around the world (or at least around us)? This comes to the main goal of this post that is to give you couple of News App recommendations in terms of keeping you aware of what’s happening around you daily. Why should we use News App to consume news instead of just clicking through posts on social media? It is because through the news curation apps, you will be able to get more broad range (in terms of opinions and personal preferences) stories and it leads to the key to solve the fake news issue which is … “Objectivity”. Since stories and news are from different outlets/sources around the world, there shouldn’t be a “picking a side” situation happening on pulling out contents presented in front of you.

there shouldn’t be a “picking a side” situation on the source of news content


News Curation Apps (Recommendation)

1) Google News

Apple App Store

Google Play Store

This is our number one choice not because it’s curated by Google but because you can find it on all the platforms (including iOS) as well. Like all the curation news apps, after you go through news sections selection (industries such as technology, fashion, and finance … etc), you will be able to get all your preferred industry news updates daily. What makes Google News standing out more is that it also pull out contents for you based on your location as long as you allow it (give it your permission to access your location).


2) Apple News

Apple App Store

The best news consumption app on iOS without any doubts. Not only due to the objectivity of the feature of news curation apps but also it’s beautifully laid out on your screen. We cannot stop wondering why Google News layout on iOS cannot be as pretty as Apple News app does? Not only Google News haven’t been able to do that but the gap is somewhat pretty noticeable though. It’s really odd…


3) Flipboard

Apple App Store

Google Play Store

This is the Godfather of the news curation apps for sure. Flipboard is the first (in terms of popularity and the widely also fast adoption speed by the mainstream) news curation app happened in the smartphone era. Their first focus was on the iPad. They put efforts on getting all the curation news/stories being beautifully laid out on a magazine type of style layout and presenting them in front of their users’ eyes on iPads. The approach, although was highly criticized mainly due to the piracy concern, worked. Not only it led to waves of news curation apps innovation but they also raised more than $200 millions (USD) in fundings. It’s gonna be fun to see how they started this new ship, how well they have been sailing, and which new land it may be able to take us to.


4) SmartNews

Apple App Store

Google Play Store

If you like simple and clean style (but also beautiful without a doubt) thingy, you will love “SmartNews” app. Simply picking sectors (tech, finance, business, social, united states … etc) you are interested in, and you are all set. Its page flipping through sectors style is just simple and fun of using. Also it won’t flooding you through countless news since information overwhelming is a real problem in this day and age. In addition, you can quickly and smoothly get news content even if your internet connection isn’t that good. Give it a try and we know you will fall in love with it too.


5) Microsoft News

Apple App Store

Google Play Store

Even though Microsoft fell off the cliff on the smartphone platform battle field, they didn’t surrender. They just didn’t stay in a fight which was lost and over already. They reinvented themselves on the strengths they already had. Not only cloud business has been thriving but putting their names on all platforms (android & iOS particularly) as well. The strategy of operating and innovating is totally different from a decade ago when they were still a dominating 500 pounds gorilla in the consumer tech industry. Nowadays their previous strategy is being used by Apple… well … let’s see what will happen on Apple’s end… after all, every fabulous party comes to an end. The almighty iPhone sales has slowed down due to the smartphone market reached the plateau stage.

Anyway, Microsoft News app gives us another toy to play with. It’s refreshing and also appealing in terms of design. If you are tired of Google News or Apple News today, you should probably fire up Microsoft News since gobbling up some news and great stories daily is a must to keep us relevant in this technology era.



Information overwhelming should be concerned but lack of information is more peril living in this world nowadays.

Information overwhelming should be concerned but lack of information is more peril living in this world nowadays. Hence, how can we filter through information and also can swallow them piece by piece? Here is our way of doing it. We don’t actively looking for stories. We let them fly to us daily (not through social networks of course). On iOS devices, we set it up on the notification center; therefore, we will get 1 or 2 news reminders once in a while daily. On android devices, we use widgets instead of notifications. We even turned off all news notifications since android notification system contains much more info than iOS does, we do not want to be distracted by news/stories reminders to cloud more important notifications such as mails and messages. So… widgets… we set up Google News and Flipboard widgets on our home screen; hence we are able to click them through right on the screen for couple of important news updates at any time daily.