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Sick of Youtube Ads or Ads While Browsing? Take A Look At These Browsers

Updates (Feb. 28th 2019 at 19:10 PST)

If you are an android user and happened to choose to use "Free Adblocker Browser" as we recommended below, you should know that while you are using background playback ... the auto-play feature will most likely be paused until you put the app back to the foreground (e.g., unlock your screen if you turned your screen off while playing videos on the Free Adblocker Browser.


We know, we know, we know that businesses need to make money. They need to be profitable, they have mouths to feed, and they need to compete so … services cannot be actually FREE. Even Youtube under Google God’s umbrella, they started a few approaches to get money flowing into their front door as well. The result? It’s not so good on the consumer’s end because most of the ads really don’t do us any good. In fact, ads supported apps or sites even cause more troubles on our smartphones or, even, issues on a larger scale, “energy consumption”.


What Do We Do About It?

We can … well… all quit on all tech stuff and we know that … it’s NOT GONNA HAPPEN. So … seriously… what should we do about it? We still want (or even need) to browse contents on countless ads supported websites on the Internet; we still want/need to use ads supported apps on our beloved smartphones (iPhone or android phones). There must be a solution for that, doesn’t it?

That’s right. Today we are going to give you couple of suggestions for that. Although there aren’t perfect solutions on the market yet, the following apps are pretty nice alternatives for this sole purpose and even some side benefits along with it. Without further ado, let’s get into it.


Browsers Approach (Usually don’t support background playback)

1) Free Adblocker Browser – Adblock & Popup Blocker (Support Background Playback)

Google Play Store

This one is just … AWESOME (for android users anyway since it is only on Google Play Store). Not only you can block ads and popups but also you can just simply enable (well… it’s enabled by default) the background playback feature. What’s that mean? That means that you can simply enjoy the most valuable Youtube paid subscription features which are “no ads” and “play audio even if you turn the screen off”.

There are tons of “Adblocker” apps out there on the Google Play Store (or even Apple App Store). Be sure to find the one which is published by Rocketshield, Inc. Or you can simply click the link we provided above and get it downloaded onto your android devices.


2) Brave Browser

Apple App Store

Google Play Store

Yet it does not provide too many ritzy features it serves its main purpose very very well. Not only it can block 99% of the ads from Youtube (other sites as well), but it also consumes far less energy than other big name browsers do (e.g., Chrome browser or firefox browser). According to the startup, Brave on android devices consumes 40% less energy than other browsers such as Chrome, firefox… etc do.

Albeit it claimed to support background playback (Youtube block this feature for a while… you can only use it if you are a paid Youtube subscriber), it didn’t really work on the previous version. On current couple of updates, it seems that they took off that feature entirely.

We love Brave so much so … we even uninstalled our official Youtube app and went all in to only use Brave for our Youtube video consumptions on our iPhones (of course, the #1 candidate is still the best for our android devices).

They push updates out frequently especially when Youtube finds a way to sneak ads through Brave often quickly patches that and updates its app on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


3) Dolphin Browser

Apple App Store

Google Play Store

You must’ve heard this name before. It’s a big boy in the app browser industry. Anyway, the Dolphin browser gives you not only the basic ads blocking feature but also a full (desktop) browser functionalities through their ADD-ONS if you are interested. Similar to the Brave browser (although it’s a bit heavier than Brave), it handles the ads and popups very well but it does not support the background playback feature which gradually becomes more important lately.


App Approach
No longer recommended

Pure App Approach – Not reliable at all

Initially we had 3 candidates here but this route just isn’t reliable at all. Why? Because Apple and Google can easily disable those apps’ Ads blocking feature and background playback support feature since apps are acting right on their (Apple & Google) platforms’ core APIs. So … if you are still looking for an Youtube Premium (paid subscription) alternative app on either Android or iOS, you shouldn’t SINCE it will suck tons of your time out of your already super busy daily routine. Those apps are walking on the borderline by finding loopholes on the platform APIs. After all, they are grabbing content directly between apps and servers without another layer (browser) acting as (a) camouflage, once they are up they will be shot dead down pretty quick. Hence, you will need to waste your time to find another alternative or to wait for the update. Better off just paying for the Youtube Premium if you would like to have a better video quality, no ads, as well as some premium contents. After all, your time is much much more valuable than the 10 bucks a month for the Youtube subscription.



We are focusing on the Youtube site today; therefore, we highly recommend the browser approach candidate #1 since it also support the background playback on android. However, if you are an iOS user, it’s still great to have other browsers blocking ads for you even if you cannot enjoy the background playback feature.


On the iPhone

Well... you can try to pull down the notification center while playing Youtube videos on the ads block supported browsers (nowadays most of modern browsers support ads block feature). We do this while we are in the gym to prevent accidentally butt touching screen to switch to another video.


Happy Browsing ~~~!