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Wanna Be a Coder/Hacker/Programmer? No Problem

Software Is Eating the World – Andreessen Horowitz

As Andreessen Horowitz once said that “Software is eating the world”, it actually has been happening for a while. However, there are still some myths surround it preventing it from thriving on every corner of the world. What kind of myth? Well… such as that it’s hard to be in the circle especially if you didn’t study in that field. Or You need to spend a fortune to get into a right “coding (learning how to code)” organization to make it. Or even that you will need to drop everything you are doing and get into a program which specifically designed for you to get a programming job after you finish the training. All in all is all logically sounded but it’s really not true though.


Easy to Get Started But Hard to Get Into It?

what acronyms/abbreviations? What libraries? What frameworks? What are they? What am I needing to do to even get start?

In a way, the title statement is true since there are just too many acronyms (such as SaaS, MVC, … etc) in this industry. Or weird names of some libraries such as JQuery. Also, countless frameworks claiming to solve coding barriers. If you aren’t in this industry, most likely you are already lost on what we have just mentioned … what acronyms/abbreviations? What libraries? What frameworks? What are they? What am I needing to do to even get start?

Well, this is why lots of code learning startups sprung out everywhere in the past few years. Two of their focuses are to provide a set procedure to lead newbies through and to give employment opportunities after their participants finish the program. Sounds great, right? Of course, it’s a business and it’s ultra competitive but it will cost you a fortune as well as time if you choose that route. So … your question should be that “Is there a better and more affordable way which can also give me more flexible choices such as effective learning on the side?”

The article here today is to provide you that option and also guide you through it (how to effectively do it without the normal confusion stage every programmer went through).


First – Do NOT Question Too Much (in the beginning)

The very FIRST total lost BIG “WHAT?” moment – Countless programming languages

In the field of computer science (not only that but also other engineering areas if you choose to dive in), there are just too much too learn to waste time on digging out more hard problems. Since everything you touch will lead you to another new unknown area, you will be wasting time if you stop every single step when you hold new stuff on your palms. A quick example that if coding is a total foreign territory to you and you decide to jump in, you will encounter your 1st confusion which is “Swift, Java, Python, Ruby, Perl, Shell, Go, Javascript, C, C++, C#, Angular, … etc.” countless programing languages lying in front of you. The very FIRST total lost BIG “WHAT?” moment has just shown and you will need to be discipline enough to follow some guidelines through in order to reach the next level which you will be comfortably talking about all those languages even if you haven’t even tried them ever before since … the underlying principles are similar enough for you to get your hands on if needed.


Let’s Get Started


The first suggestion we are giving here is to start with the best computer science course (lectures) ever (our opinions) and follow it through. The course was originally designed for and offered to Harvard University students. It’s a computer science 101 course. You might think that it’s going to be tough and boring; however, it’s NOT. Well… it’s going to get a bit challenging but “boring” … NEVER. The instructor, “David J. Malan”, is a computer magician who will lead you into the computer science world in a super fascinating way. You will not only be into it, you will “LOVE” it.

We mentioned that “CS50” was originally designed for and offered to Harvard University students. Since it got extremely popular around the world, it became sort of a (Las Vegas) show and Harvard opened it up and put it onto edX (more info here) which is an online learning destination providing high-quality courses from the world’s best universities and institutions to learners everywhere. Hence, you can just go online and watch videos from every lecture they gave and really get into it. After you go through it, you really can proudly put yourself into the “coder” terrain. That’s right. This course is that great and magical.


If you would like to get to know how it all started, you can goto to find out. You will be able to dig information/videos/lectures all the way back to fall 2007. You will know how it became the biggest tech recruiting target group from the onset.


Phpacademy (now is Codecourse)

Codecourse – “register & login

The real world has two parts forming the virtual world in our palm. One is MOBILE which we’re all very addicted to; the other is WEB. If you think mobile and web are totally different things, you are WRONG. They are essentially the same just via different media to deliver to their audiences. Also, most mobile apps require web (server) side of implementations in order to make it a whole since everything still happens on the server side … the client side which is being delivered to your smartphone/tablet is only a stage for all the interactions to perform.

So … “PHP” should be (and is) the one we are focusing on here today since it powers the majority of the world’s web apps or server side of mobile apps.

From Wiki

PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor (or simply PHP) is a general-purpose programming language originally designed for web development.


Remember the very first rule of getting into the coder-sphere? Don’t create unnecessary problems for yourself. After you go through the CS50 course, you should be able to plow through this on your own. The above suggestion course will give you a lot of fundamentals that you will need in the real coding world. You will feel it’s out of date since there are lots of manually creating libraries which you can find from so many modern frameworks (Laravel is one of those); but, it’s a very good training to give you a bare look on what underneath those glamorous frameworks’ skin.


If you cannot find this recommended course... or it's not free (since they moved from hobby to a business, they changed their youtube handle and started charging for pro features), you can just search "phpacademy" on Youtube. You will be able to find tons of old (but great) videos from them. Again, we highly recommend you starting with the above one to avoid confusions.


jQuery Tutorials Playlist

If you are onto the web applications, you cannot ignore the “jQuery library”. If you want to know what that is, just Google it since you are able to absorb any programming related knowledge on your own after CS50 course.

The recommended videos are offered by “thenewboston” channel but the videos were actually produced by the phpacademy. Well… according to thenewboston, he called up and phpacademy agreed on providing jQuery lectures on thenewboston channel. If you are interested, you can watch the video here (jQuery Tutorials are Finally Here – Thank You phpacademy!)




After you finish all the recommended lectures above, you will be well-equipped in the programming world. Hence, if you are interested in another programming language, you can just google it and get into it on your own in your spare time without issues. Also, there are so many useful tools you can use (and should use) to make your life easier. For instance, you should definitely look “Laravel” (PHP framework) up if you are in web app. What if you are interested in mobile? If you already went through CS50 course, you should be able to have a first glance on mobile (either on iOS or android programming) already. It’s really simple that … you can just type “how to develop android/ios app” and get all the necessary/related information you need to start and become a top-notch iOS or android developer. The next unicorn may as well be created by one of you who read through this post.


Happy learning/coding/creating & enjoying the future in your fingertips!