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This Will Change Everything Again – Edge to Edge Touchscreen Macbook

We all know that Apple must have its touchscreen Mac under development although Apple has been in decline mode publicly. There are evidences showing that we might be able to see the touchscreen technology which has been long lived in Windows computers on the next generation macbook. According to a patent filed with the European Patent Office, Apple is onto developing a device (possibly macbook) with “flexible portion” that may allow rigid materials to be folded in half. The top half of the flexible portion can be used as part of a touchscreen and the bottom half can be used as a touchpad or keyboard.

According to a patent filed with the European Patent Office, Apple is onto developing a device (possibly macbook) with “flexible portion” that may allow rigid materials to be folded in half.

Ever since that, there is a sick (in a good way) next gen Macbook concept video circulating around the web and it’s just too great to be true at this moment (well… who knows that might really happens as if Apple pulled the original iPhone off back in 2007). If Apple can achieve this feat, for sure, Apple is going to be the first trillion dollars company in the world and will be sitting on that throne for a very very very long time. Just take a look at the video as follows and, believe us, you will fall in love with that device right away.


Edge to Edge Display

Have you ever seen any devices implemented “edge to edge” display this perfectly? The fact that the edge to edge display is onto a laptop (computer) instead of a smartphone might really make this possible due to the thickness of the device that consumers are able to accept because of the use of the laptop. Also, there is no physical keyboard just like the iPhone or the iPad makes it possible to double the size of the screen; therefore, it can be a iPad, it can act like a macbook, and it can also be used as an iMac. Although we really think that Apple won’t let this scenario happen even if they can because it might possibly hurt their bottom line on other product lines. Most likely that Apple will make something like Microsoft’s Surface touchscreen laptop (and tablet hybrid) device with a more beautiful outlook.


3 Modes

Let’s assume that Apple will go all in and make a device like what we saw on the concept video above. Then it will have 3 different modes, “tablet”, “laptop”, and “desktop”.


Sure, it will be a lot thicker if you use it as a tablet. It will be clunky and a little bit clumsier compared with using a slick designed iPad. However, it’s a device that you can turn into a tablet whenever you see the fit; also, it’s a true edge to edge display tablet. Hence, it’s a hands down winner if you need to carry a laptop and an iPad with you most of the time then this device will be your go to guy if we can really put our hands on it.


Talking about the laptop mode on this baby, there is really nothing more we need to say because we (as consumers in general) have been waiting for a touchscreen macbook for years but still we got nothing from Apple. The closest thing we can get as of today is the airbar from a third party (it’s good but still cannot compared with any of the true touchscreen products)


Then we are onto the “desktop” mode. The desktop market totally disappeared from the mainstream for more than a decade since the laptop took over the helm. Of course, there are still other segments (e.g., corporations, professional designers, schools… etc) that desktop computers serve the purpose. However, the market really isn’t the focal point since the technology industry as whole shifted to the mainstream consumer market in the past 2 decades. But, it might change if the concept product in the above video becomes a reality. The main issue the desktop market shrank from the mainstream is the portability. We all want to have a bigger screen real estate to operate but we don’t want to have any unnecessary inconvenience attached. Therefore, the trade-off happened that we settled with laptops which have (generally speaking) smaller displays but high portability than pulling our hard earned cash for the bulky desktop computer which is having bigger screen real estate for us to enjoy but really hard to carry it around. However, if Apple really can give us this sick product, the iMac (the desktop mode from the concept product) will be used everywhere in every household in the United States. Oh, we should say that it will be used all over the world.


New Market Segment

“Will it kill other product lines such as the iPad, or the iMac?” This is a legitimate concern since it can act as 3 different products. It’s just like all dominate incumbents fell in the history book of the business that when a powerful substitute appeared, the market was eroded by the powerful substitutes. However, we believe that if the above concept product can be made and brought to the market, it will create an entirely new market segment just like the new market the iPad created. Sure, some people will just opt into having only one device since it fits all their needs to a degree. But, most consumers will have other products being complements of one another to get their jobs done and to enjoy their lives more.

Another reason is that every single product line already serves its purpose and has its standard specs to be in that field. For instance, iMac will be the powerhouse for professionals such as designers and programmers. Macbook will hold a slightly less power (hardware-wise) for business professional most likely and students. For the iPad, every single household will still want to have and, for sure, they will spend money on iPad every year too. It’s a simple form to enjoy contents; also, it’s a communication device and educational device for little kids as well.

Therefore, the new segmentation will surface and, just like the iPad or the Apple Watch, it will iterate, locate, and nurture its own market and become the most dominant player in that field just as most of the Apple products did in the past.



Doesn’t matter if the product showing on the concept video above is real or not, it seems like Apple is finally pulling the next trump card on their macbook product lines. If Apple really is going to give us the touchscreen mac, consumers will be more than happen to upgrade. Of course, for sure that Apple’s valuation will climb once again. The incremental improvement pattern is the true winning hand that Apple always holds and it plays out in their favor 10 out of 10 times. So, do you think we will get a touchscreen macbook only? or a 3 modes super computer shown in the above video? Probably the touchscreen route is more likely to happen in the world of Apple.