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Buy Groceries (Bulk) Online? Save Big on Those Sites

Lately, not only news about bulk online shoppings are scattering around the web but also new players entering into the playground every once in a while including some big name players who weren’t even in this turf before. If you doubt about the opportunity of this market, try to cart your groceries on a bus then you should be able to realize that there is a high demand for this niche.


If you don’t have a vehicle to do the grocery shopping, you really have no way to save on some items. For instance, how are you going to buy 24 cans of coca and carry that onto a bus with a 36 rolls of toilet paper and a bunch of other stuff you just put inside of your shopping cart? Even if you manage to do so somehow, it’s a pain in the butt to get all of those stuff from the store to your place via a public transportation. That’s one of the reasons that gas stations and little shops in the metropolitan areas are super profitable.

No matter what drives you to the online grocery shopping – either you just don’t have time, don’t have a car, or just being lazy (that’s our main reason for not getting to the store lately ^_^) – there are a few places you should know and should browse around to make your shopping decisions.


1) Amazon Pantry/Grocery

You should already know that Amazon has entered into the grocery war zone. Not only that, they also acquired “Whole Foods Market” for their grocery war chests.

The good things of shopping groceries on Amazon is that – “they are Amazon”. You really don’t need to worry too much if things go awry since they have established their reputations on this end. No matter what, they are on customers side. In addition, for some items, you can really save some bucks on For example, if you are a newly minted mom, you will need a lot of baby stuff such as diapers and formula. You know how long those products last and you can schedule deliveries right on your Amazon account. Furthermore, you can use “Amazon Dash Button” to order your favorite products. The way the Amazon Dash button works is that you create your own Dash button relative to your favorite products (e.g., coca, tide, milano, goldfish… etc) and then just one click you will be able to get an order specifically to that product placed and then delivered to your doorfront. You can click here to watch a video on Amazon about the “Dash Button”.



You might not heard of but it’s on the rise for sometime now. It was founded on the mission for families to eliminate trips to wholesale centers such as Costco or Sam’s Club on the weekends. It was the childhood memories of the tedious trips back and forth to Costco on the weekend at least twice a month from one of the founders. Along with the mature e-commerce implementation both on the online purchasing method (credit cards) and logistics improvement, successfully entered this niche with its own specific strategy which is carrying fewer but most consumed brands to lower the price drastically for its customers.

Because of the fewer brands stuffed in its warehouse in addition to the negotiation power with suppliers, really can save its customers big bucks. For instance, if you shop 500 sandwich bags on, it’s $8.99 (as of this writing). Comparing with 500 counts of sandwich bags listed on (which is $19.30 as of this writing), you can save $10.31 USD instantly.

Note: provides big sizes of most consumer purchased everyday items to drive the cost low for its customers. In the end of the day, “Save Money & Time/Trips for everyday items” is the goal for every player in this niche.

3) CostCo & Sam’s Club

Those two membership only wholesales have been ignoring the online shopping segment for quite sometime since the numbers on their physical wholesale centers’ balance-sheet hasn’t been impacted that much. Their members still love to go to their centers in person to purchase groceries, household supplies, and all sorts of products. However, they have been paying attentions to this niche market and also stepped into the playground already.

Forget about their own websites since, again, the efforts they allocate on the e-commerce still cannot be brought up to the same table as the resources they put into the physical centers. However, they join the playground with the efforts that Google has been working on for quite a while. Google Express is Google’s online shopping wagon to put brands together onto one shopping platform for consumers to purchase every product online easily and more conveniently. You can often get some promotion coupons (the amount varies from $10 to $50) online and apply them when you checkout on Google Express platform. Therefore, you can choose products provided by Costco and Sam’s Club and save some bucks by using coupons.

There is a caveat on buying products from Costco or Sam’s club on Google Express platform though. There aren’t that many items available on Google Express compared with products you can purchase right on Costco or Sam’s club’s website.



Do you remember the $3 billions buyout from Walmart? is the main weapon for Walmart to re-brand its ecommerce image and to steal market shares from Since it aims to compete with Amazon, the pricing is really competitive on all products you can find on Take the 500 counts sandwich bags as an example, it’s $19.30 USD on Amazon but it’s only $15.59 (495 counts) on Needless to mention that it’s under the super strong financial arms of Walmart’s; therefore, you can rest on the pricing match if you find the same lower priced product on other sites.



We love shopping but also hate shopping since it normally takes us, at least, one hour to get to the store and get back even if we don’t purchase many stuff. However, we do need groceries and we do need everyday items and household supplies. Most importantly, we want to save money on those necessities. Since they are necessities, we’d better utilize the bulk purchase option to save big.

The above players can really help us achieve that goal and, at the same time, we can divert our attention to something we love more or matter more in our lives. Just head to those sites and check them out. You should be able to find one player that fits you the most. Then… you can start saving time and saving big bucks next time when you need groceries or household supplies.