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AI Powered Emoji Scavenger Hunt – Google AI Experiment Rocks Again

AI – “Artificial Intelligence”, is everywhere from most crowded platform, Facebook, newsfeed to our living room setups such as smart TV and smart lights. AI has been not only in the enterprise level but also being applied on personal level as well. You think that your life isn’t influenced by AI? You are WRONG. Proof? If you have a smartphone, you are influenced by tons of AI experiments each and every single day. Or if you google information, you are influencing by machine learning search outcomes. Self-driving car will be the next big thing which AI has been at the helm ever since the subject has been brought to the spotlight. “instant machine translation” is another example why we cannot live without “AI”.


Emoji – The Most Popular Language in the World

Do you speak Japanese? Probably not. Do you speak French? Some of you maybe but most of us don’t. Do you speak Italian? “No” would the the answer from most people. However, we all speak “Emoji” language. Also, we all love to speak emoji at home, at work, at school, or even on the bed before we fall asleep. “Emoji” is the most popular language in the world among kids, teenagers, adults, and … well… honestly… everyone. Therefore, Google mischievously and intelligently made a move from its AI experiment to give us a pretty nice way to interact with the most beloved “Emoji” icons – “AI powered Emoji scavenger hunt“.

As you can see from the video above that “Emoji scavenger” gives us an emoji and we need to find the real world equivalent before the assigned time runs out (usually it’s within 10 ~ 20 seconds). You think that it’s easy? Well, you should try yourself. We can assure you that you will have tons of fun especially if you have young kids at home. You should try to play this game with your kids because it also have educational value in it (e.g., some items your kids might not quite get it because they are still too little).


From this game, we shouldn’t have any doubt why Google is among all the most reputable companies which most talented people want to work for worldwide. Not only Google provides an environment challenging the status quo to make themselves (and all the Googlers) better every day but also it’s a really fun place to work (the 20% time for personal projects is still the legendary story to tell).

Try the “Emoji scavenger hunt” & Kudos to Google 🙂