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Amazon Prime Gonna Get More Expensive – 3 Reasons Why You Should Stay With It & 3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t

If you live in the United States, chances are that you are one of the 100 million members of Amazon Prime club. It’s been so comfy to live in the amazon wall of garden which provides almost everything we need in a speedy and convenient way. Forget about a birthday gift for your niece and the party is tomorrow? No need to hurry to any toy stores (well, in case you missed the news that ToysRus is gone) especially you don’t have time for any reasons (paper due midnight tonight, or work related tasks tied you up, or … etc). Just get onto and choose one-day shipping (in some areas is still free) or even choose orders to be shipped in hours.

It gets better that you can schedule some commodities to be shipped to your place. For instance, detergent, shampoo, house cleaning stuff, or if you have babies, you need diapers regularly and you can schedule that as well. How about snacks? Sure, a lot of us do that too. There is a dedicated product for scheduling all of those purchases, “Amazon Dash Button”. Just one press and keep your household running without thinking of it even a bit.

$99 USD from $79 USD & Now Will be $119 USD

Amazon raised its prime membership fee from $79 USD to $99 USD (in the US) four years ago. Really, for $79 USD, it’s a non-brainer to just get onboard. Even the $99 USD, we still feel it’s just worth everything that we can get from Amazon. However, it will, again, increase the price for another $20 USD which is about 20% of increase on May 11 (yup, it’s 11 days away). It’s another big price jump in just four years. Put the extra cash amazon will get aside, here are 3 reasons why you should stay with it and 3 reasons why you shouldn’t.


Why You Should Stay With Amazon (Prime)

Speedy Shipping & Better Customer Service

Sure, it’s another 20 bucks and it’s a big pricing raise based on percentage alone (20%). However, the convenience we get from being an Amazon prime member is just cannot be measured by those 20 bucks increase.

In the prior writings, we mentioned that being a prime member sometimes means that we have that peace of mind in us. We know that, no matter what, amazon will take care of us. Sure, sometimes we purchase something good but received lemons. Sometimes orders got lost. Or, sometimes we just don’t like what we bought. All of those don’t bother us (amazon prime member) even a bit. We know that whenever we have time, return/refund (or exchange) just one click away. All those unnecessary CSR stuff with other retailers don’t exist. So, what amazon sold us is the peace of mind, the time that we can save, and the feelings of being treated right.


what amazon sold us is the peace of mind, the time that we can save, and the feelings of being treated right.

Amazon Prime Unlimited Photo Storage

Think about it that where can you find any unlimited photo storage for an affordable price at this day and age where we use our smartphone taking countless photos all the time? Sure, we can use Google photos app; however, it’s not unlimited if you’d like to store it as full resolution format. If you are a photographer, you would know how costly it is to store full resolution photos on any cloud platform. It’s easily going to blow any reasonable price layer that you feel comfortable to pay since, easily, you will upload more than 5GB worth of photos to the cloud platform of your choice.

Therefore, being an amazon prime member really saves you hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year if you are in the photography business. Or simply that you just need to have more than 5GB of photo storage to get all of your full resolution photos organized, stored, and retrieved anytime you would like to.


Amazon Prime Video

If you like TV and movies like us, you know that how valuable this is. $119 USD for one year amazon prime video unlimited streaming is really a steal. Do you know how much you need to pay for one year Netflix subscription? It’s more than $120 USD a year. Sure, you can argue that there are more choices on Netflix than on Amazon prime video; however, some programs you can only access on amazon prime not on Netflix. Wanna have an example? If you are a fan of the TV show, “Psych”, you should have the amazon prime in your pocket.


Why You Should NOT Stay With Amazon (Prime)

Amazon-like Platforms Are Catching Up

We are not talking about no-name startups. We are talking about Target and Walmart here (or even which is a bulk purchasing site for snacks, household stuff, ..etc). 2-days free shipping is a norm already. Even if you need to purchase a minimum amount of products to get free shippings ( requires $35+ USD), it’s still a great deal since you don’t need to pay any annual fees (like amazon prime membership fee). Better that if you are a Target red card holder, there isn’t any minimum purchase required for you to get free 2-days shipping. Anything you purchase anytime, you get free 2-days shipping from Target if you are a Target red card owner.


The 2-days free shipping usually turns out to be only one day shipping since Target and Walmart leverage their strengths which are store locations and store employees to get this job done. You normally get what you order in just one day.


Amazon Prime Benefits Can Be Replaced If You Aren’t an Hardcore

As we mentioned that there are bunch of prime benefits such as music, unlimited photo storage, and free audio channels … etc. However, if you are NOT an hardcore for any of those stuff, you really won’t feel that you are benefitting of being an amazon prime member. For instance, the prime music can be easily replaced by youtube. Of course, if you don’t pay for the youtube red subscription, you will have to watch some ads. However, for majority of the populations, that’s really not a problem at all. For unlimited photo storage, again as we mentioned that you can choose Google Photos to get this jobs done if you aren’t an hardcore on this category.

Hence, for most people, those amazon benefits are really just some icing on the cake which really don’t do much to them. If them decide to be a member of amazon, the reason gotta be to buy the peace of mind which we mentioned above. If not, there is really no reason to pay $119 a year for all those seemingly great (well, not to them anyway) amazon benefits.


Netflix is the King

Amazon prime video is great as we already said. However, it really cannot compete with Netflix in terms of the numbers of the quality movies/shows. There are more tv shows and movies to enjoy on Netflix than on Amazon prime video platform. The reason is obvious that Netflix is solely in this business but Amazon isn’t. We believe that Amazon will keep producing great films and tv shows since the financial arm of theirs are just too huge and strong but, overall, it is easier to find movies and tv shows that you like on Netflix than on Amazon prime video platform.



It’s like every decision you make which should have its own purpose. If your main purpose is to have a peace of mind, the $119 USD is really worth spending. However, if you just wanna have some benefits such as prime video, you should NOT pay the $119 USD. What you should do is to get Netflix instead. Well, unless the shows you would like to watch is only on Amazon prime video platform then it’s another different story.