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Best New GMail Features For The Mainstream

It’s a big news that Google did the biggest overhaul on the most popular cloud email platform, GMail, this week. To be exact, most of the new features will be able to be accessed today. You can just click the settings icon on the top right corner just right beneath your logo and select “Try the new Gmail”. After that, you will be all good to go.

There are a lot to dive in for all those new designs/features. Some of them most people really won’t use (or care) them often such as IRM (Integrated rights management) feature. It’s a feature allowing users to block the forwarding, copying, downloading, or printing of particular messages/emails. It sounds great but the usefulness might be on the business side. If you use Gmail for business, this feature is going to be one of your best buddies going forward. But for mainstream, it’s not going to matter that much.

However, there are couple of interesting changes and upcoming features (yup, it’s on the release notes but you might not be able to use or see them yet… for example, “confidential mode”) that are worthy of digging here and that is what we are doing today.

Hover to “Archive”, “Delete”, “Make as read”, and “Snooze”

This is mainly on the convenience side. The actions mentioned above could/can all be done by couple of clicks on the classic Gmail mode already. However, with the new design, you can just glance through the title of the email you receive and apply any of those actions right “ONTO” the email itself. Just hover onto the email, those action icons will show up, and apply any of them to that particular email.


Google Calendar Right On

Are there any of you not using Google calendar? or even … not depending on Google calendar to manage your day? With over 1 billion active users per day, Google calendar is the most used calendar app in the entire planet of earth. Yet, we need to open separate tab to get into it (in the classic mode).

Now, with the new design, we can get Google calendar right on the Gmail tab. In fact, it’s right on the Gmail view. One click on the calendar icon located on the right vertical add-on navigation bar, the calendar split window will open and you will be able to interact with the Google calendar app right from there.



If you use (or used) Google Inbox app on your smartphone, this feature should sound familiar to you. Basically, it’s the same feature that you encounter on the Google Inbox app. Google implement the same feature right into the Gmail web app and, boy…, it’s going to be useful since almost every human being tends to procrastinate in nature.

So what exactly is the “Snooze” feature? It’s like the alarm clock that will allow you to lie on the bed for couple more minutes that the Gmail snooze feature will allow you to set a time and clear the message from your inbox. Hence, you can just forget about that particular message at that moment and direct your attention to what matters the most at the time. When the set time is up, the message will show up, get your attention, and you can deal with that then.


Smart Reply

Again, if you use (or used) Google Inbox app, you should be knowing what this is. Or rather, if you use any of the most popular messaging apps nowadays, you should be knowing what the smart reply feature is.

Basically, it’s a preset messages depending on the context of the email you receive that you will see those replying messages already been set and ready to be fired on one simple click. It’s particularly useful when you are in a meeting, dining, or just don’t want to deal with that message but want to let the sender know that you got the message. To use iMessage as an example. It’s not a smart reply feature precisely but it acts like it intelligently. Often when you receive messages from senders asking questions, before you type any messages to respond there will be an array of emoji or words laying neatly right on the keyboard popup window (e.g., an OK word or emoji). You can just tap any of those preset responses and hit reply.


Confidential Mode

This is the biggest star in this overhaul. Unfortunately, most of us aren’t able to use this yet. So, what is this? If you know snapchat, you know what it is already (well… partially since there are other things this feature offers too).

You can set an expiration date for specific messages/emails. Also, you will be able to prohibit recipients from forwarding, copying, downloading, or printing messages. The best of all is that, under the confidential mode, you can ask for the Two-factor authentication for per individual message/email. Meaning that recipients will need to authenticate themselves via phone calls or text messages before they can even open the email. Why is this so huge? Because it might be the solution for the daunting mis-sent emails situation that almost everyone had experienced before. We know that some of you might even be let go because of that. Even if not, the embarrassment that we encountered because of the mis-sent emails is just too shameful to be reminded. Therefore, we can see this is a potential life saver for this particular problem. Just let everyone you reply to, CC, and BCC to ask for the code that you set for (if this new feature allows. Since we haven’t been able to put our hands on this feature, we are assuming that users will be able to do so).



Gmail was introduced more than a decade ago. It took the helm on the electronic mail revolution boat right after that. Sure, Hotmail was the first mover and had a huge success. However, Gmail was the one that got everyone hooked. Along with all it’s almighty features, it has become a necessity either in our professional life or personal life. It’s time for us to breath some fresh air and to feel the new energetic vibe that we once felt before. Kudo to the Gmail team for the awesome overhaul/design.