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$200 Specs Smart Home Camera For Only $20 USD

When you look at the title of this article, it feels just like a standard click bait type of articles; yet, it’s not. In this article, we really are going to feed you a info or to point you out a direction, rather, on the real smart home camera revolution startup. Also, it’s not something you see on the kickstarter that you want but you cannot buy yet (or maybe never). It’s a real product for a real 20 bucks with $200 specs value packed in.


Smart Speakers Took Off

Have you ever wander that why all the smart home products are that damn expensive? A light bulbs after several years of technology advancements, it’s still about 10 bucks (or more than that) per bulb? A thermostat is about $70 ~ $200. Needless to say a smart home camera which usually is being represented by the industry leader (the first mover), Nest webcam, which normally costs you about $200 USD per camera. It’s just too much for the mainstream. If you ask why the smart home (the smart speaker is what we are talking here) suddenly took off in late 2017, we would have (and you should know as well) told you that it’s because the price hit the right spot. It’s not $179 per smart speaker or even $49 per speaker. During the 4th quarter of last year (even before and after the Black Friday Shopping frenzy), the smart speaker price was discounted to as low as $19 USD on both Amazon Echo dot devices and Google Home mini devices as well. Walmart even went one step further offered a totally free Google Home mini after redeemed its coupon after you made your first purchase on via Google Express platform. That’s right. The “PRICE” is the key.


Smart Home On the Spotlight

After the smart speaker took off, mainstream started trying all sorts of smart home products to help them automate daily routines to make their lives a little bit easier. However, not a lot of smart home products they want were/are at the right price range that they can afford though. There is one which is the smart light hitting the perfect pricing spot already along with smart outlet, smart plugs, and smart switches. Therefore, tons of products popping out from China since it’s the base of the world manufacturing factory nowadays. The quality of the smart light is there so you can assume that it’s on the right track to crawl into most of the middle to upper class household in the United States. But, the smart home products adapting train stops there because, really, there aren’t any other smart home products are worth buying due to the high ceiling cost of the products itself. The most wanted product, smart webcam, costs about $150 ~ $200 USD per camera. Don’t need to mention that the cloud storage you should also have will cost you a fortune. Of course, you can find some crappy and glitchy webcam which might or might not work. Or even it might work on your first try, it might go totally in a refusal mode the very next minute. For those products you should be able to acquire for less than 50 bucks (some of them are even relatively expensive despite the low quality of the product).


Meet the Wyze Cam

If you ever wonder when you might be able to have a huge smile on your face due to the smart webcam product you purchase on a great price also having working on par with the 200 bucks product from the leading brand, you aren’t alone. We thought it would never happen. However, the trend has been changed since 4 people decided to jump ship from working for Amazon to working for themselves to bring affordable smart home products to the mainstream.

Meet the Wyze Cam from Wyze Labs. Straight from their site, their mission is to bring high quality, easy-to-use smart home products to the public. Those products should NOT break the bank. Those products should be able to be put on mainstream populations’ hands without taking fortune away from them. Hence, they started the lab and brought the very first product of their own, “Wyze Cam”, to the public. Guess what? You will never believe the price attached with the specs they packed in. It’s $19.99 USD per camera. You heard it right. It’s just 20 bucks that you can just put a smart webcame at your home and monitor whatever you would like to put your eyes on 24/7. You think that you are happy with everything you heard already? Nope, they didn’t stop there. They also offer “Free, Rolling 14-Day Cloud Storage” no subscription required.

We thought that we should list and explain some (or all) of Wyze Cam features here right on this article. However, we’d like you to see them yourself. Finally, mainstream can own a smart webcam for the price which won’t break the bank (just as they described ^_^).

If you are interested, you can click here to visit their site ( Oh, did we mention that you can purchase the product from them right away if you decide to do so?