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Software Is Eating the World & How To Join It

Marc Andreessen, entrepreneur/investor/co-founder of Netscape, published an article, “Why Software Is Eating the World” in August 2011. Ever since that, it has been rooted deeply into the minds of all innovations. Marc Andreessen, the biggest name in the angel investor world or in the technology investing world in general, published the article in The Wall Street Journal and, along with the rapidly advancing mobile technologies, we can really see what that article described came true already. Just look around and try to find any companies regardless the size (small, medium, or big corporation) which isn’t a software company? (Meaning that that company doesn’t have any software powered any core parts of its business) Well, the truth is that there is “NONE” none digitalized businesses who can survive in this competitive and tightly connected world anymore. Everything is closely connected and just within a tap to reach.


Argument about “None” None Software Company

You might argue that a small boutique isn’t a software company so the statement above isn’t accurate. Although the small boutique located at the corner of your street might not produce any in-house software, they are using software infrastructures/packages developed and maintained by 3rd parties to get their online presence noticed, to reach their customers, and to stay alive. In a broader sense, those types of small shops are digital companies too. They need to have, at least to a degree, tech savvy personnels to take the helm, to sail the boat, and to find the blue ocean for building and growing their businesses. Also, the advanced mobile technology already made some of those shops a software company by the definition which is having in-house software developments. The overall technology infrastructure including programming tools and internet-based service providers make it easy for all companies to get into the world of R&D (software especially in Internet-based apps both web apps and mobile apps). Wanna launch a blog? Sure, without customization, it’s about 2 minutes. With customized and even some programming involved, it will be only taking hours (or couple of days). Mobile apps? No problem at all. With all those modern hybrid mobile frameworks (one of the most popular one is “Ionic Mobile”. You can click here to check it out) helps, you can launch a great and fancy mobile app in hours. And… who (companies) don’t need or don’t have their own mobile app nowadays?


The overall technology infrastructure including programming tools and internet-based service providers make it easy for all companies to get into the world of Internet based software R&D


Where To Start If You Would Like To Be Part Of It

Whether you would like to be really part of it (meaning that you would like to be able to make software yourself) or you would like to obtain that kind of knowledge, you gotta have a right push to give you a great starting point. Today, we are going to help you out on that.

Sure, you may not know what programming languages are or may not even understand how computer works. All of such don’t matter. Just think about it that a computer whizz was just a crying baby like every one of us when he/she was born. Through learnings, knowledge acquiring process, and trainings, he/she became a computer genius. Therefore, any one of us can, at least, reach to a good to great level of being capable of doing all of those magical computer/programming/coding stuff. Feel fascinated when you see people sitting next to you at Starbucks just like matrix movie using terminal windows to do stuff that is totally alien to you? You won’t feel that for long after you follow though this writing.


CS50 – The Most Popular & Solid Foundation of Computer Science Introduction

Just type “CS50” on Google search, you will get the hold of it. Either way, we are going to walk you through (explaining what it is and how you can and should benefit from it) it so you will have a basica idea on what you are going to get into.

CS50 is a computer science (required) introduction course offered at Harvard University. It derails from the traditional computer science lecture pattern which are boring and lengthy. Instead, it uses real life examples to explain the most boring part of the bit and byte in computer science. All those 0 and 1 will start making sense to you. Not only that, you will be eager to get into the next course to know more. The hunger for computer science knowledge will only grow and it will give you the motivation to achieve the goals CS50 set up for you through the course.

The hunger for computer science knowledge will only grow and it will give you the motivation to achieve the goals CS50 set up for you through the course.

A lot of amateurs got started right from the WEB programming language but CS50 gives you what you will need to advance to another level once you accomplish your goals on your professional career path if you so choose to. The “C” language will be your main language from the beginning. Through out the course, you will be able to touch others such as PHP and Java. However, once you get what in C language, other languages will look the same to you. The only difference is the syntax within different programming languages. A solid foundation will open you a wide path for the decades to come in your professional career.


CS50 - Offered from Harvard Website
CS50 - Offered from  edX Website


Other Courses

We thought of providing other sources for you to consider but, as we wrote, we believe that too many starting points will cloud your vision and hinder your progress. Sure, you might have heard about other popular languages such as Python, Ruby, Swift, Elixir, and Scala… etc. However, it really doesn’t matter if you know them all or not. Once you secure a space for yourself on C, you shall get into all of them rather easily. Again, the syntax will be the only difference to you. So, we aren’t going to provide you any other courses sources here today. We will compile a list and publish that list later on for your advanced training purpose. But, really… after you conquer CS50, you should be able to climb onto the next level on your own.

the syntax will be the only difference to you of all the programming languages



You can even enroll yourself into the CS50 course online. Also, whether or not you do enroll in the class, you will be able to view the homework assignments and to get the answers when the answers are released too. Following through the whole course and face the challenges which the assignments throw at you. Don’t skip assignments or wait for the answers without trying to solve problems by yourself first. It will build up very valuable assets in your belly and those assets will help you tremendously if you so choose to be in tech.