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How To Get $1.99 Audio Books from

Do you like reading? Or to be more specific… “Do you like listening to stories even when you don’t have time to read?” … If the answer to you is a big fat “YES”, you should be already knowing or using regularly. However, the price of being a subscriber of is sort of pricey though compared with other entertainment services out in the market. For instance, for less than the standard subscription (per month) fee, you can get the premium Netflix bundle service which costs $13.99 (a month and serve up to 4 screens at the same time in one account). So … $14.95 per month for one credit with Gold plan or if you want to read more books (more credits) a month, you need to go for the Platinum plan which is $22.95 USD per month for two credits. It’s a pretty high price for regular book lovers to pay for per month to be honest. Most of the time, you really can use that money to do something which you will feel more worthy of paying though even if you really like the audible books service. But today, we are going to tell you that there is a way to get audible books for only $1.99 USD per book (not all books but a huge bunch of them though) if you already own the kindle version of them.


Meet Amazon (Kindle books)/Audible (books) Match Maker

Click the subtitle (or here), it will open another tab on your browser to Amazon’s kindle/audible match maker page. It will search all the kindle books that you have in your library to see if there are any matches for any Audible whispersync upgrades. You will see the price and you will find a bunch of them are on sale for only $1.99 USD. It’s a really great deal if you can get those audible books for only $1.99 USD.


For the subscribers, the monthly credits are rollover credits. Meaning that if you don’t use it this month, you will be able to add that unused credit(s) to next month. Also, usually you can use one credit for one book regardless of the price of the book. However, for some books you might need to use 2 credits to redeem.


BETTER… FREE E-Books Every Day” gives you a way to use Netflix-like algorithm to deliver daily “good to great quality” ebook deals (a bunch of them are FREE) matching your preference to your inbox every day.

Like we mentioned that the $1.99 USD audible books deal require you to own kindle version of the books first so … you still need to purchase a bunch of kindle books in order to take advantage of the match making deals. What if … you don’t want to pay that much money for kindle books? or you just like to read and want to read as many books as you can? Well… we can tell you that you are in luck today. Why? Because we are going to tell you a service that can get you free ebooks each and every single day.

Heard “Bookbub” yet? If not, you should give it a try right away today. “” gives you a way to use Netflix-like algorithm to deliver daily “good to great quality” ebook deals (a bunch of them are FREE) matching your preference to your inbox every day. You will receive daily ebook deals email and, best of all, those deals not only to kindle books but also other platforms such as “Google Playbooks”, “Apple iBooks”, “KOBO”, and “B&N ebooks” as well. Therefore, if you are a regular ebook readers of other platforms, you will be benefiting from it too.



Most deals are for Amazon Kindle books since it’s the market leader and most of the authors exclusively publishing their books on Amazon kindle platform only (or first at least).


How To Use

For most of you, chances are … you are a Netflix customer already. So… if you like and know how to use Netflix when you signed up with it, you already know how to use Here are the simple steps as follows,

1) Sign up
2) Choose your preference(s)
3) Choose your preferred ebooks platform
4) Follow authors
5) Confirm your email, choose your username & create your password
6) Done

After you go through the above steps, if you want you can just wait for the daily deals to come to your inbox each and every single day. However, you can also choose to start browsing your deals right away by clicking the “Home” tab on the top navigation menu.



It’s really great to live in this time and age because we not only can get supreme services with reasonable costs but also have most of the basic needs are being served for affordable costs (most of them are free). Looking back to a decade ago, our lives have been improved so much so fast in so many ways. Now … we can even get free ebooks with affordable audio version of them to serve us at anytime. Stuck in the traffic jam when commute does not suffer that much any more… or in some cases, it sort of fabricating a big chunk of time for us to immerse ourselves in the most enjoyable booksphere (yes… we just made up a word for this enjoyable books reading & listening world ^_^)