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Slide Out Keypad + Curved Screen iPhone Rendered Images

Along side with the pretty design, there is one thing that it does not make sense at all… why the slide out “software” keypad? It’s just wasting the screen estate on the whole body design of this rendering iPhone image. Well… beside this obvious point, this curved iPhone design is just a pure beauty.


Apple Is Working On Future iPhone Design (a total revamped design)

Rumors are that Apple are taking a disruptive approach (rather than their usual incremental approach) to push a future iPhone design release. We believe that one of the reasons is that the slow smartphone upgrade cycle due to the maturity of the smartphone market. This really is a good thing for consumers since Apple products have become an equivalent term of fashion. Therefore, the hardware and software advancements might not be a necessity for the purchasing… the appearance of the products will be the factor of the impulse buying decision.


Apple products have become an equivalent term of fashion. The appearance of the products will be the factor of the impulse buying decision.


Why Curved Display?

This might be the first step towards to a foldable iPhone design. Just Samsung has been openly proclaiming that they are working on the next generation fordable display, Apple isn’t ignoring this obvious trend. As we can all see that the smartphone has evolved from the standard-sized display to a more than 6 inches screen sized display. With the advanced screen (e.g., OLED or AMOLED) technology, those big screen phones are just the way to go for the entertainment purpose. However, this also created a problem though… Our smartphones are getting too big to be carried around. Really … ask yourself this… if you are a female… you wanna go out for a quick coffee chat with your besties however you don’t wanna bring your purse… how will you carry your iPhone 8 Plus with you without looking too awkward? That’s why almost all the male business professionals carry small screen sized iPhones since their daily outfits are usually suits… there is really no way for them to carry those 6″ screen phones around without looking stupid.


Just try to use the iPhone 8 for a week and switch to an iPhone 8 Plus for another week to see how drastically your time of use your smartphone increase. The screen size can really make a huge difference on the smartphone usage.



Although the smartphone innovation has slowed down, Apple is still in the position to make this market interesting again… as we all know that Apple isn’t a tech company anymoreit’s a fashion juggernaut and this fashion juggernaut is still in position to lead the smartphone market for the next decade to come.