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Is Facebook Done?

Lately, there have been so much pressure on Facebook … so many negative news on Facebook privacy issues … and … so many predictions on Facebook’s future. To be honest, if Facebook (as a platform) disappears from the planet of earth, it’s not because of the privacy issue… it’s because of the culture. However, the latest negative privacy news is certainly one of the pusher indeed.



If you wanna know Facebook privacy issues over the years, you can take a look at the article from NBC News – “A timeline of Facebook’s privacy issues — and its responses


Facebook Is NOT A Platform Anymore

To answer the question, “Is Facebook DONE?” We need to get our heads clear that “Facebook” is not a platform anymore. Facebook is a conglomerate which is a parent holding company owning several popular platforms (companies). Therefore, as a platform, Facebook has already lost it’s glory days although it’s still a big money cow (due to delusional B2B point of views). Really… ask around … who is still using Facebook religiously? Your grandma and grandpacorporations that don’t wanna be on it but think they need to be on it… and … people who thought that teaching older generations using how to use Facebook can make some $…

Elon Must Deleted “Tesla” & “Space X” Facebook pages


Another question that you can ask is that … if Facebook (as a platform) suddenly disappears tomorrow, will you be sad or will there any negative impacts on you? We asked around… friends and families who seemingly still use Facebook daily and responses are shockinglyA BIG FAT “NO”. Friends and families who still use Facebook each and every single day… the core users of the Facebook … do NOT care if Facebook exists or NOT. THAT IS THE FACT.


Facebook Will Disappear As A Platform

Facebook as a platform will certainly be replaced by another (seems like Chat Apps are onto this mission) platform… It’s a nature of this type of services. Really … there is no more innovation in it. The biggest advantage is the massive number of users. Once other platforms catch up, everyone can leave at any given time. No one will miss their days on Facebook… since … the UI has been bad (overcomplicated is one of them) since the very beginning.


Facebook Won’t Die As A Conglomerate

As we already knew that Facebook had made couple of major/critical acquisitions over the years. One of them was the “Instagram” acquisition. That might be the most important asset that Facebook acquired ever. Instagram might be the one that saves FACEBOOK as a whole.

Really… Facebook has been owning bad reputations on so many grounds. Why people still be on it? It was there weren’t any other big competitors that could really replace Facebook back then… BUT … THINGS CHANGE… nowadays there are many platforms reached the massive multiplying turning point that people can just pick and choose any of them and will have Facebook social network benefit (to a degree … well… since … Facebook still accounts for over billion users). Instagram, WeChat, Line, and Snapchat… just to name a few.


Instagram might be the one that saves FACEBOOK as a whole.



Instagram Comes To Light

Instagram might be the cure for the falling of the Facebook. Even though Facebook’s core users don’t care about Facebook as a platform, they do care about Facebook as a company since Facebook owns Instagram. Do you know how many users Instagram has as of now? It’s about 800 millions. And … how many of them care about Instagram as a platform? Well… majority of them. They are loyal to Instagram… it’s a religious place for them to stay and nurture. When you hear about social network influencers… most of those are talking about Instagram influencers. Companies have been focusing onto Instagram platform as their major marketing platform for a while. Besides Youtube, Instagram is the most important battlefront for all the companies who want their names, their products, and their services to be heard. Allocating their social network efforts onto Instagram is the key and … Facebook… seriously… has been forgotten for sometime (there are a few reasons other than privacy concerns though… for instance … the clumsy and mysterious feeds algorithm accounts for its crumple as well).


Yes, Facebook Will Die But Facebook As A Whole Will Go ON

If you really take a serious look and dig in deeper in the users engagement, you will notice that there are signs which show you Facebook might be falling apart. However, due to their smart moves years ago, they won’t die as a parent company for many popular apps/sites. Instagram will replace it as the core platform. If they can keep doing this type of smart acquisitions, FACEBOOK will live forever as a whole. Facebook won’t die… but Facebook as a platform might become a word in our history book very soon.


Facebook won’t die… but Facebook as a platform might become just a word in our history book.