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Apple & Samsung, Watch Out! Huawei isn’t Coming… Huawei is HERE Already

To be honest that Apple & Samsung still won’t need to worry about too much in terms of facing this formidable monster (Huawei) in the US market since … it’s sort of heavily protected (corrupted) which … new players are highly unlikely to even have a chance to get a peek at it. However, the matter of the fact is that (in terms of the Android phones) Chinese phone makers are making better phones these days and we, US consumers, aren’t able to even have a fair chance of knowing it due to politics and, maybe, security concerns.


Dual Camera Settings Is Outdated

Just as Apple has been trying to get all its new lineups equipped the “dual camera” settings, 3 camera settings smartphones are already being born. Huawei Pro 20 equipped 3 cameras in the rear (up to 40MP) and one 20MP front facing camera for the selfies. It’s an unheard and peculiar move but … is it a real improvement on the photography side of the picture? (40MP main sensor that’s TWICE THE SIZE of the S9’s. A 20MP monochrome and an 8MP tele). We don’t speak alien tech terms here to describe how great the 3 camera settings is… we want you too see and judge it yourself.

1) Camera with Tech Specs Explained

From PocketNow @youtube


2) Photos Comparisons (Huawei Pro 20 vs. Google Pixel 2 XL)

Note – you can just fast forward to 1:43 and start from there.

From KidAndroid HR @youtube

3) Photos & Videos Comparisons (Huawei Pro 20 vs. iPhone X)

From TechBuzz @youtube


4) Photos Comparisons (Huawei Pro 20 vs. Galaxy S9+)

From Tech Town @youtube


5) Photos Comparisons (Huawei Pro 20 vs. Google Pixel 2 XL vs. iPhone X)

From eSmart TRENDING @youtube


6) Camera AI Feature Explained – (Fast forward to 3:50)


That’s right … an AI feature built-in directly into the camera settings. So … just take a quick look at it to see what can the AI enabled camera(s) do here 🙂

From Unbox Therapy @youtube


The Best Camera Smartphone Ever?

Well… this really depends on your personal taste. Why? Because all the flagship smartphones are really great to a degree that unless you are a serious photographer… you might not even notice the difference among all those cameras nowadays. One might be better at taking low-light shots and the other might be better taking selfies. Hence, there is no such thing as a smartphone camera “KING” anymore. However, if you wanna have an overall all around one to take the throne… it’s still the Google Pixel 2 XL. BUT … if you take the ease of use into considerations… the iPhone X will take the crown.

So … again … it’s up to you to decide which one you would like to stick with to have it being your daily driver. Remember that … each single of them is about $1,000 USD which is really a serious price tag for a tech gadget. Well… it’s the trend and … we are living in this sugar coating world so … blame ourselves for the high price then 🙂