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No Cheaper MBA (Macbook Air), No Problem… Cuz… Cheaper & Better iPad Has Arrived

It’s amazing to see how the tech world winded up in the past decade… especially in the past couple of years. The dominant force from laptops quickly switched to the all-in-one tablets and then to the tablets ONLY (we will just call tablet iPad since … well… where are other tablets anyway). Today’s Apple special event we didn’t see the cheaper MBA being unveiled as predicted. It’s a bit disappointed as a tech junky to be honest with you but … really … if Apple really focuses on the future, the cheaper MBA does NOT make sense anyway. The future generation most likely (over 95% of them) will only interact with tablet (iPad) only instead of putting their hands on so called “computer” (that’s right… “computer” as a word is going to be obsolete… it’s going to be an ancient word pretty soon).

“Computer” is going to be an ancient word very soon

Education Is The Key to Own The Future

As we all know how Microsoft won the computing war the first round, education played a significant role in that mega-fight. By getting into schools, Microsoft brain-washed every brilliant mind and dominated the computing industry for decades. Then … Google came along with the Cloud offerings when the cloud seemed to be the heavy weight champ and put that into the education system. So … Google won the 2nd go around which is present date. Ask anyone to see who does not know GMail or Google Docs … especially college students. Most of the students in the United States use Google Docs for their school works. Microsoft “Office” bundles are still around but it’s fading into the back stage already.


Apple Plans to Re-claim the Future Riding On The Most Dominant Computing Device Ever

This is pretty obvious that when asking which device Apple should use to lure future generations into Apple’s wall-garden? The answer is – “iPad”. We aren’t going to claim that everyone has an iPad but … we are going to tweak the statement a little bit… if someone has a tablet, 99% is an iPad. Also, iPhone users households most likely own an iPad or two. Android users’ households if they have tablets, most likely is (or are) iPad(s). The dominance is surreal but it’s there.

It’s true that computers (pc & mac) can still do more things than iPads can do. However, with the advanced technology over a decade, an iPad can almost cover a non-engineering major college student’s school works 100%. Therefore, future generations might not know how computer works but they are all iPad experts without a doubt.

Now Apple is marching into and further penetrating the students circle to even further root its impact in their lives, there is no doubt that the iPad days will come… meaning that iPad might eventually totally replace PCs and Macs to become the ONLY computing device in the world. Well… PCs might be highly unlikely since Microsoft is too big to surrender but Mac computer lineups might shrink to only 1 or 2 models for serious computing works. It’s really possible that Macbook, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, and iMac will all be replaced by some future iPad models.


Cheaper & Better iPad

It’s insane to see the iPad (supports Apple Pencil) price has dropped to below $300 mark. Think about that … it’s sold out like hot cakes when it’s 500 bucks… now it’s going to be around 300 bucks… how insanely the sales number is going to be especially when this year’s Black Friday Sales come along. Do you remember that all the electronic outlets sold out all iPad basic models in minutes on last year’s Black Friday Sales events? Well… same scenario is going to repeat and more and more people will own iPads. Android phones might be the most owned smartphones in the world but iPad is the ONLY tablet out there for people to get. Really … no competition at all.


Fire Tablets are toys not tablets when compared them to iPads


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