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Who Are Amazon Prime Members? If You Aren’t Yet… Should You?

With the competition (giant retailers e-commerce) getting fierce day by day, is that necessary to be an Amazon Prime member anymore? Target, Walmart, and other startups are stepping up to this 2-days free shipping or even one day shipping games. Especially the “BIG TWO” – Target and Walmart – with their thousands of stores in the US, labor and shippings are even better and faster than Amazon can even try to catch up. So … the question here is that … is it worth to pay more than $99 USD per year (annually. $12.99 per month if paid monthly) to be a prime member of Amazon? If so, who should be doing that?

Target has 1,828+ stores in the United States. Walmart has 6,500+ stores in the United States

Quick Answer Is Yes … Because …

The quick answer to the question you might have in mind is … “Yes”… you should be an Amazon Prime Member if you have an extra 99 bucks to spend because … you get more benefits of being a prime member of Amazon even if you don’t shop a lot. However, if none of the following benefits get in your head… and also you don’t shop that often (at least 3 times a month on Amazon) … then … you probably shouldn’t pay that 99 bucks a year.

Amazon Prime Member Benefits:
1) FREE Two-Day Shipping on eligible items to addresses in the contiguous U.S.
2) FREE Same-Day Delivery in eligible zip codes.
3) FREE Release-Date Delivery
4) Prime Video
5) Prime Music
6) Prime Reading
7) Free Audible Channels


There are other benefits but the above are the main ones. If you are interested in others, you can visit to find out.

If You Are A Video (Movies and TVs) Junky

If you love movies and tv shows, you should be a prime member of Amazon. Yes, there are lots of alternatives such as Netflix, HBO Now … etc. However, most of popular movies and tv shows are exclusive to one platform. Meaning that one popular tv show can be on one platform at a time so … if you like “Psych” (tv shows), your only choice is Amazon Prime Video… not Netflix… not HBO NOW.

If You Are A Newly Minted Mom (or have newborns or toddlers in your household)

If you have babies or little kids in your household… chances are that you will need a lot of diapers and wipers. Amazon Mom Promotion is a great start. You can subscribe for the monthly diapers delivery or … you can just buy as you need since it’s 2-days free shipping or you can even get same day shipping if you live in the supported zip-code area.

If Scheduled Supplies Are Needed

If some items that you need are required to be replaced once a month or once in two months, you should be a prime member. For instance, if you need to replace the cartridge of your toilet automatic Cleaning System once in a month or two, you should do it since … Amazon is the most convenient place that you can find that kind of system & cartridge replacements.

If You Don’t Like Shopping OR Don’t Have Time to Get to shop in Stores

Technology makes our lives easier but also busier than ever before. Think about a time that you are disconnected with all the tech stuff … electronic stuff… well… should be … who knows when was it. The thing is that it gets us constantly connected to our works and stuff so …. we cannot really slow down and do things that we need to get them done routinely… such as shopping. So … no matter what kind of shoppings (grocery shopping, commodity shopping, other necessary items such as shampoos and detergents), you might be too busy to do so. Or sometimes … it’s just not worth it to get into stores to get those items yourself since the average store shopping time is about 1+ hour per visit. Then … you should be an Amazon Prime Member.


Technology makes our lives easier but also busier than ever before.

From commodity subscriptions to grocery shoppings and also … some great snacks if you would like… you can just have them being delivered to your front door in 2 days (or even in 2 hours if you live in the supported area). Also, the returning process cannot be easier. Just pack whatever you don’t like or need or defective or … whatever reasons and … schedule a UPS pickup then … you are done for that. So … a busy life does NOT mean that you cannot enjoy shopping anymore. In fact, you might be able to get more great products than if you have time to get to the stores. Do we mention that the pricing usually is cheaper than what you can get in stores? (One of the reasons that Toys“R”Us failed big time since … most of the items you find in Toys“R”Us are 50% more expensive than what you can get on


Whether you are on the big box retailer’s side (Target & Walmart) or not, Amazon won’t lose the war (maybe some battles but not the war). The only thing that Amazon hasn’t been able to compete with is “Location” (stores)… and Amazon is patching up on that spot by acquiring Whole Foods and also expanding its lockers to more areas. Little by little … bit by bit … Amazon has become a necessity in our lives. Yes, we might not need to have prime videos, we might not need to have prime music, and we might not need to have annual prime membership … BUT … it’s necessary to be onboard with Amazon to get our lives a bit more easier. And if by being an Amazon Prime Member can give us that then … you should be in it.

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