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Face ID iPad – What To Expect at WWDC 2018

A lot of people (or pundits to be exact) have been talking about how badly the iPhone X sales number is. Well… it’s apparent that the number wasn’t as stellar as the previous iPhone models but … the reason isn’t the design of the iPhone X… the reason of the staggered sales is … the “matured smartphone market”. Just take a look at all the smartphone makers’ numbers on their newly released flagships. All of them are disappointing. Why is that? It’s not because they stink at making phones but because … consumers really have no reasons to upgrade phones once a year … or worse (Sammy … you gotta listen to the market voice)… once in couple of months. Are there any real breakthroughs in just couple of months? Hell NO … a bit better camera and you wanna consumers to shave another grand in just merely 6 months for your identical twin phones? How do you think that you will react if you are asked to do the same every couple of months? So … back to our question here … “Is iPhone X staggered sales number caused by its design?No… it’s not. You can see plenty of proofs from all those Android phone makers (from big brands to small who knows whom makers) that they have been shamelessly copying iPhone X design onto almost all their newly released phones. So … that’s the proof of why iPhone X isn’t a disappointment. In fact, iPhone X is leading to the future mobile computing device design.


WWWDC Upcoming Announcements

The upcoming WWDC 2018 on March 27th 2018 will be one of the biggest breakthroughs in Apple’s product announcements in the recent years. Why? Well… remember that why the tablet (we will just say iPad from now on) is so popular and ubiquitous in just couple of years after its inception? It is because of the almighty “Apple”. Apple got its way to lower the price to the affordable level for everyone who wants to have an iPad CAN OWN (BUY) an iPad. Do you still remember that the $499 price tag on the original iPad vs the first Android tablet made by Motorola (partnered with Google) which was trying to sell at $1,299 USD price range? Of course, they didn’t do well on that one. But can you imagine that if Apple didn’t get the price down to $499 point, how insanely those tablets (now … you can say that … no android tablets anymore since … they cannot compete with iPad on price & performance) would be. Trust us, if it’s that profitable… those android device makers would make it happen (putting android tablets everywhere) and happily grab $ from us.


1) Cheaper iPad

That’s right. The price of the iPad might go even lower. “Watch out, Amazon.” Your fire tablet lineups might be in danger if Apple really make it happen. Why is that? Ask yourself this question that … “Will you buy a iPad for $249 or an Fire Tablet for $190?” Most of us after carefully evaluate the value proposition will choose the iPad (rationally). So … what if … the iPad price tag can be brought down to below 200 bucks mark? Then… that’s a no brainer to just get an iPad. Why bother to get a glitchy magnet fire tablet for almost the same price?

2) Future Design iPad – Face ID


We might be able to get more screen estate if this is really true though. The Face ID design will remove the home button on the iPad which in turn will give us more screen to interact with all things we need/want to do with our iPad which has quietly taken the throne of laptops on the mainstream computing space. If you aren’t a professional (graphic designer, coder, film maker … etc) who needs a computer/laptop to get jobs done, you probably don’t own any laptops at all. Only an iPad then … you can get all jobs done magically. We even heard from college kids that they don’t even know how to turn on a computer at their school. Really… they only know iPads and they only need iPads to have their lives go on happily.

Moreover, Face ID is really an advanced innovation on the iPhones and will be on the iPads as well. It’s like the original iPhone which, at the time, we didn’t have lock and unlock feature … so … we just started using it whenever we started using it. The Face ID really eliminate the unnecessary tap/click on the home button design which requires us to have one more step to get started using our iPhones or iPads. With Face ID, after you raise your iPhone (will be on the iPad too), you can start using it … it’s just like without any locked password but … in fact… it’s the most secured way of interacting with your device as of today. You can take a look at this article here – “Can You Use Your Voice To Unlock Your IPhone? Sort Of … If You Have An IPhone X”.


3) Cheaper MBA (MacBook Air)

It’s been all over the place that Apple is going to unveil a even cheaper version of the MBA which is one of the most popular laptop models in the world. Do you know that the original MBA was over $2,000 USD back in 2008? Now … the cheapest model is around $850… so … imagine that the price will be even lower… It’s just how incredibly Apple is able to bring down the price on all those great quality products. If you compared the same specs with Windows computers, you will know the how significant the difference is.

Also, Mac OS is known of being able to run extremely well on older Mac models after years of use. On the contrary, after 2 years of using a windows computer, you’d better shop around for another new one… figure crossed if you can be patient with that machine still at all. Most likely you will need to wait (forever) for it to boot up or do some simple tasks. Don’t believe us? Just get a windows laptop made in 2013 and get an 2013 MBA and test them. You will most likely smash the windows machine after the first try.



It’s been a great year for Apple despite all the negative iPhone sales number news. They really don’t need to pay attentions to those news since… again… the proofs are everywhere that everyone is copying the “top notch-design” which is a compromise on their side. Well… most likely Apple will find a way to improve that too. The takeaway here is that we, as consumers, will have greater products with more affordable price tags to get. A cheaper and better iPad as well as MBA is coming… and … if you haven’t own an iPad, it’s going to be the time for you to own one this year.