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Blocking Annoying Text Message Notifications From Specific Senders – iOS

Texting has taken the throne of phone calls became the #1 communication approach among mainstream consumers especially younger generations. If you don’t believe, just conduct a bit experiments and you will notice that … younger generations will only pay attention to text messages… not phone calls … not emails. They unintentionally ignore missed phone calls but not text messages. They might not open their email inbox for days or even weeks but … they won’t miss their text message for a day (well… most of them … they check their messages every hour). So … SMS apps, Text Message apps, or even combination of video & text chat apps become the dominant players in this mobile area. Think of why Facebook bought Whatsapp for $19 billions (yes… with a letter “B”) when, at the time, whatsapp was still trying to figure out how to be profitable back 2014.


Telemarketers Became TextMarketers (SMS-marketers)

It’s a lucrative space to enter … so … of course, those telemarketers wouldn’t miss this golden opportunity. With a little bit help from all those so called privacy terms of use on the Internet (basically… we give up our privacy to use free services such as Facebook)… our phone numbers aren’t that much to locate any more. Therefore, floods of messages just piled in line getting jamming our attentions each and every single day. Stupid soliciting text message notifications popping up almost every single hour (if not every single minute). That’s annoying and time consuming (to delete those messages or even just to swipe out the notifications).


Block Un-Want (Solicited) Senders

That’s right… for those stupid marketing soliciting messages, we should just block those senders so … none of messages sent from them would bother us anymore.

1) Tap and open the message
2) Tap the information icon on the top right corner
3) tap the right arrow icon (not the phone icon … otherwise, you will just place a call to the sender) on the top row (the same row of the phone number shown)
4) tap “Block this Caller” on the last row


Mute Notifications When You Receive Messages

For some cases, you would like to receive messages from some senders (e.g., Subway promotions… etc). However, you just don’t wanna see notifications from that type of messages since … it’s not important and … it’s a huge distraction. So … how do you do it? (Don’t worry… After you mute the notification from those senders, you will still receive and keep those messages… even … your icon badge will show you if you have un-opened messages).

1) Tap and open the message
2) Tap the information icon on the top right corner
3) Switch “Hide Alerts” to ON

Voila! you will still receive messages from this sender but you won’t be bothered by the message notifications from this sender ever again. Neat, right? 🙂



There are lots of apps for blocking unwanted calls/messages out there on the App Store. Some of them are quite good. You can definitely give them a try if you are interested. Just search “Block Call” or “Block SMS” on the App Store (for android users, it’s similar… just go to Google Play Store and do the search). However, the built-in call blocker & SMS blocker are good enough to do the job. In addition, the “muted” notification feature is just so neat that we believe that alone should serve you well in this category.


Happy Texting ~~~!