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Roku Is the Best Choice Than “Chromecast” and “Amazon Fire TV Stick”

If you are still on the market searching which video streaming (and casting to your big screen TV) device you should get? Stop doing that now. That’s right, you heard us correctly that you shouldn’t spend your time on deciding between “Chromecast” or “Amazon Fire TV stick” (or possibly BOTH since … the feud between Google and Amazon is just getting worse). Why? Because … as we mentioned that you won’t get what you want on either of those two devices since … they block each other’s contents which are two of the best video services in the world as of today.


Amazon & Google Feud

Amazon’s position and future expansion relies as heavily on its hardwares as on its service offerings. They are onto smart home as everyone should already know by now (popular Alexa is everywhere). But… you probably haven’t noticed yet that their Fire TV devision is one of its future strategic powerhouse as well. Therefore, the video streaming hardware business unit needs to be protected so … they decided to block their #1 competitor’s similar offering which is “Google Chromecast” on its ecommerce platform which happens to be the world most famous and influential ecommerce platform.

What happened when someone punches you? You often give he/she a counterpunch without a doubt. So … Google (after unsuccessful negotiations) blocked Amazon’s devices from directly accessing its video platform, Youtube, which happens to be the world most popular and richest contents video platform.

So … as a consumers, what should we do? Well… some of us decided to stay with only one of those contents. Some of us decided to just purchase both streaming devices to access both contents … and … some of us decided to … totally giving up on them since … what the hack… it’s not worthy to be caught in between since we are the paying customers of theirs.


Roku – You Don’t Need To Choose Sides

Even before Google released its “Google Chromecast” or Amazon got their hands on their “Fire TV” devices, Roku was already the leading player on the “set top box” market. It’s true that after the releases of chromecast and fire tv stick, Roku did suffer for a bit from the popularity point of view. However, because of their position, they are able to access all the video channels including Youtube and Amazon Prime Videos on the market as of today. So … no more deciding and suffering from fights that shouldn’t be imposed on us. Who cares if Google or Amazon are good friends or enemies. A video streaming device is supposed to give us all those contents are available on the market especially when we (as their paying customers) already paid for them (not only the streaming devices but also the contents … e.g., prime videos and youtube red).


What Can You Access?

Almost all the video contents on the market so far. Including Youtube, Amazon Prime Videos, and Netflix. Needless to say that they also provide access to hundreds of live-streaming and on-demand free channels, including The Roku Channel, packed with Hollywood hits.

To be honest, the Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and Youtube alone are already worthy every penny you spent on acquiring this streaming device (which is less than 30 bucks). Also, we do NOT NEED to be caught in between Amazon and Google. It’s tiring that to think of which device we should use when we just wanna be comfortably sitting on our couch to relax (watching some great videos). Who cares who is right or wrong? Who cares if your contents are better than the other (since both are great and both are what we want)? Who cares who will win in the end? We, as your paying customers, just want to relax and enjoy… so … stop trying to be legit on this stupid feud OR not (don’t stop because we don’t care anymore). We … MOVED ON … Just get a lovely “ROKU” and forget about Chromecast and fire tv stick altogether from now on.





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