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Galaxy S9/S9+ Are Here – Best Promotions in the U.S.

It’s Friday, March 16th 2018… it’s Galaxy S9/S9+ official release day in the United States. As far as we know that a lot of Samsung Galaxy fans were already putting their hands on this great device for quite a while. However, today is still the official day for everyone who would like to just walk into stores to get their devices upgraded to the greatest Galaxy S-series ever, Galaxy S98/S9+. Or … just simply want to purchase one from major US wireless carriers. So … the most important question comes to … “Which carrier offers the best promotion on Samsung’s latest and greatest devices?



First of all, we would like to point out that no matter which carrier you will be sticking with for upgrading your device to S9/S9+ with the promotion they offer currently, you will need to activate a new line in order to claim the promotion. Meaning that … it’s going to be an extra cost if you don’t need that new line. If you do happen need to have an extra line, the followings are the best that you should take into consideration.


BOGO – Buy One Get One FREE

Verizon Wireless – BOGO (Buy one get one free) with no trade-in required.

It’s that simple but … like we mentioned that you will need to activate one new service line. $799.99 promotion credit will be applied to your account over 24 months of installment plan. The details are as follows (or you can click here to visit Verizon Wireless Galaxy S9/S9+ promotion page)

1) Buy 2 Galaxy S9 (or S9+) phones with 24 months installment plans
2) New service line required


LOGO – Lease One Get One S9 (lease) FREE

Sprint – “Lease one Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+ and get one S9 on us” PROMO is here.

Be reminded that you aren’t buying ityou are leasing it. It’s a 18 months lease term. However, if you would like to own it, you will be able to pay the remaining balance after the 18 months lease term ends.


1) S9 $33.00/mo. S9+ 38.00/mo. & get a second S9 $0/mo. after $33.00/mo. credit applied w/in 2 bills.
2) Sprint Flex 18-mo. lease plan
3) 2 new lines or 1 new line and 1 upgrade required


Sprint Flex 18-mo. lease
* Upgrade after 12 monthly payments.
* Or, buy it when your lease ends. You’ll pay the balance between full price and what you’ve paid so far.


Buy One Get 2nd One 50% OFF


1) Trade-in required (click here to see eligible devices)
2) Purchase a Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9+ on an Equipment Installment Plan (EIP)
3) Have or activate at least one voice line per device purchase


50% OFF on Galaxy S9


Well… after the above 3 carriers’ offerings, we bet that your brain is getting jammed… since … it’s true… those are all the number games. Wireless carriers’ best interest isn’t selling you phones but finding ways to keep you in their service plan box for as long as they can.

Wireless carriers’ best interest isn’t selling you phones but finding ways to keep you in their service plan box for as long as they can.

ATT offers up to $395 bill credit on Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+, or Note8. Therefore, it does not matter which one you would like to have, you can claim up to $395 credit if you are qualified. By the way, you do NOT need to buy 2 phones… only one phone can be qualified.

Details (Offer ends 3/31/18):

1) Must under AT&T Next 30-mo. or AT&T Next Every Year 24-mo
2) max bill credit of $395
3) credits are $13.17/mo. for 30 mos., or $16.46/mo. for 24 mo
4) Must add a new eligible postpaid wireless voice & data line of svc (min. $45/mo.)



It seems like if you don’t need an extra line of service, those deals are just as bad as no deals at all… Why? because… you will end of paying over $1,500+ (new line service fee for 24 months) for the new phone which only costs about 800 bucks. However, if you do need another line of service, you should take advantage of the above offers. After all, we can all use those extra saved $ and … it’s a one the greatest phones that you will be getting as of today.