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Put Yourself in the Co-working Environment Even If You Can’t

Co-working space isn’t a fad but is actually a productivity boost evolution. You put yourself in a community that can help you focus on what you do but also provide helps or even collaborate with what you do along the way. That’s a pretty brilliant approach if you think it a bit deeper. However, it’s not easy to find a co-working space that is a good fit for you. Or in some cases, you just cannot afford since … you aren’t really in any sort of needs for that but … once in a while, you need to boost your productivity for some projects… then … the following website might give you a mental help on this though.

OpenHub – 

This isn’t a real virtual co-working space which provides all sorts of features such as “audio chat”, “video chat”, “project management”, “meeting room”, “idea board collaboration”… etc. However, this is a pretty nice (and eccentric in a good way) implementation on the virtual co-working space turf. It provides you all the background noises which you can control (switch it on or off) that physical co-working space might have inside one platform. Therefore, you can just get on and “open space” and start immersing yourself into the “fake” co-working space anytime anywhere.

Need a coffee break? no problem. Just switch the “coffee break” on, you will start brewing your coffee and start imaging the water cooler chat with … well… some of your imagination peers. Feels hungry? no sweat… go to cafeteria and start stuffing foods inside of your stomach with imagination crowds. Need fresh air? this can do as well… just “open window” and you will sense breeze coming through and feel better instantly.

Don’t know how much this would help but … well… making some changes while you are onto a project for a while might be able to really increase productivity by … a lot. Hence, if you are in your productivity slump, you might try this especially if you work from home or just some sorts work alone workforce… this site might become your goto place from now on.

Give it a try & Happy Producing ~~~! 🙂