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Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote For Just $24.99 Today

We know that there are a few choices out there in the market for you to choose when it comes to Video Streaming devices. However, if you are a Prime member of Amazon, you must be watching prime videos often (if not, you should… there are quite a few great movies and TV series that you should try to enjoy… for one very good TV series – Psych, alone is worthy for 10 bucks a month membership fee already). Therefore, if you haven’t had any fire tv device to sync with your home entertaining system, you should really consider of getting one.


If you are a prime member, it’s $24.99 USD for you today.

Controlling Your TV via Alexa

Of course, with the Alexa built-in feature on the fire tv stick, you can speak to Alexa directly via the fire tv remote control but … seriously… it’s just not that intuitive to do so (also cumbersome to a certain degree). How about that you already have an echo device at your place. Let’s say that you have an Amazon Echo Dot that you can pair with your fire tv stick. Then … things are getting more interesting (fun) here. Do you know that after you pair your echo device with your fire tv device, you can just talk to your echo (Alexa) and do almost everything that the remote control can do just ask Alexa to do so?

How To “Voice” Control Your Fire TV via Echo Devices

1) Link Fire TV device in your Alexa app on your smartphone (linked with your echo device at this step)

i) Go to the menu and select Music, Video, & Books.
ii) Select Fire TV.
iii) Follow the on-screen instructions.
iiii) Select Link Devices to confirm your selection.

2) Well… you are done actually… so … just … talk to your Echo device and start enjoying your prime videos

Say this to your Alexa device…
“Watch Fire TV.”

Play a movie or TV show
“Watch [title].”
“Play [title] on [app].”
“Play [genre] on [app].”

Search for movies and TV shows
“Search for [movie / TV show].”
“Find [title / genre].”
“Show me titles with [actor].”

Search within apps
“Search for [movie / TV show] on [app].”
“Find [title / genre] on [app].”
“Show me [movies / TV shows] on [app].”
“Find [actor] movies on [app].”

Control playback
“Rewind [timeframe].
“Fast-forward [timeframe].”
“Go back [timeframe].”
“Jump forward [timeframe].”
“Next / Next Episode.”
“Watch from beginning.”

Live TV Controls
“Go to [channel / network].”
“Go to [channel / network] on [app].”
“Watch [channel / network].”
“Rewind [timeframe].”
“Fast-forward [timeframe].”
“Go back [timeframe].”
“Jump forward [timeframe].”
“Watch from beginning.”

Launch apps from Your Apps & Games
“Open [app].”
“Launch [app].”

Return to the Fire TV Home screen
“Go Home.”


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