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3 Wheels E-Commerce Cart in the U.S. – Amazon, eBay, Target/Walmart

We all know that Amazon has been the sole e-commerce dictator in the past decade and still seems to be going strong at least for a foreseeable future. However, other formidable players are getting into this highly popular and crowded night-club door and … are entertaining the all-nighters in the club bit by bit as the time goes on. So … will Amazon still dominate the e-commerce in the next 5 to 10 years? Will other players such as eBay and brick-and-mortar twin kings – Target & Walmart – be able to compete or, at least, get to highly profitable level in the regime?


Amazon is Everything now

Amazon has been diverting resources into other arenas and has rooted in those playgrounds that they had decided to get in already. For instance, entertainment, grocery, IT (cloud service), and whole others (e.g., smartphones/tablets even if they failed in the first try… who can tell that they aren’t still in it? Education, Smart home, Rocket/Space, Newspaper .. etc.)… they have become too big to fail. Don’t know if you notice the recent feud (well… it’s a long lasting feud but just publicly being tore up hard lately) between Amazon and Google? Google blocked the Youtube mobile app access on all Amazon devices because Amazon refuses to sell Google products on its platform. And … instead of finding a solution to get Youtube mobile access back on its devices, Amazon is planning to launch its Youtube competitor platform. This is just … well.. only Jeff Bezso’s Amazon can do. If other companies decide to do it, they would be called out an “arrogant axxhxxle” publicly. However, no one will bet their money against Amazon these days.

Amazon Has Become Too Big to Fail

Sure, on the e-commerce side… Amazon might lose some shares but their reputation has been built and their army of customers won’t be shrunk anytime soon (might not be able to grow that fast or might even shrink a bit but … the number will remain at a certain level as long as Amazon keeps providing the outstanding customer service as they have been doing for the past decade). Along with other establishments such as Amazon studio, IoT, and Amazon Cloud, Amazon will be the ONE AND ONLY dominating force for the next decade to come in business field in general.


eBay – Turning Expectations From Used Goods to Brand Name Stores

eBay has been doing a pretty impressive revamping works for a while. They used to be a goto site for everything used. However, consumers’ shopping behaviors change overtime… they cannot afford just stay in their comfort zone as the quarterly report kept reminding them that. They started introducing new changes such as bringing brand name stores in. The most iconic move was that you can get to Google store on eBay. You also can get more discounts on Google eBay store during holiday seasons. Sometimes … you might be able to get up to 80% discount.


Amazon is bringing brand names to its platform as well. For instance, partnering with Nike to bring Nike products directly from Nike to Amazon platform. You can read related news here – NIKE EXEC: ‘We’ve elevated the Amazon experience’


Target/Walmart – Developing, Evolving, and Will be Elevating to Exceed Expectations

If you think that Target and Walmart are in trouble... you were right about 2 years or even a year ago but … YOU ARE WRONG now. Those two retail giants cleverly integrated their physical assets (physical stores and labors) with virtual world (IT infrastructure, software, app, shopping data) and … they came out strong than ever before.

Sure, people still shop on Amazon… consumers still check Amazon prices when they shop at Target and Walmart. However, the price war is going down the the marginal level that … sometimes only couple cents different rather than couple dollars (it’s really rare to see over 5 bucks difference when you check the price among those 3 players)… so … “convenience” becomes the “KING” deciding factor when shopping either in store or over the Internet. Also… consumers can get same FREE 2-days delivery when shop on those 3 platforms… so … it comes to “WHICH ONE CAN PROVIDE THE MOST CONVENIENT WAY TO IMPROVE CONSUMERS LIVES”?


It comes down to —>


Target and Walmart is winning on the commodity shopping and also the grocery shopping categories. It is really nice and fast to fire up the Target app to get Shampoo and conditioners when you about to run out of it but do NOT want to get to the store or just don’t have time to get to the store. 2-days… those commodities will show up at your door-step… if you don’t like what you see, you can always return it either by sent the order back or (the part that Target and Walmart is winning) just walk into the store and return it whenever you have time to do so. Also … the logistics of shipping the orders are part of the winning strategy when competing with the Monster Amazon. Target and Walmart are using their resources in your local store to process and deliver your orders so … often that you will get your orders earlier than you expect. Awesome, right 🙂

The Logistics of shipping the orders are part of the winning strategy when competing with the Monster Amazon


Consumers are living in a golden e-commerce service area and the better hasn’t even come close yet. We will see more innovations and moves to get our lives even crazily (in a good way) easier in the next couple of years (for instance, “Amazon Go” Grocery store… see the video below). It’s not going to be only from Amazon anymore… Target, Walmart, and other retailers are all in since the technology (resources) are mature to provide all sorts of crazy ideas that those retailers have to turn them into realities. So … HAAPPY SHOPPING & HAPPY LIVING, FOLKS ~~~!