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Galaxy S9+ Is The Speedy King of Smartphones Confirmed

We know that there are a lot … we mean … really a lot of reviewing videos out there on the Youtube-verse. However, the quality of those videos or the points of reviews are just “day” and “night” differences. So … we would like to provide two of the most credited Galaxy S9+ reviewing videos out there on the market today to our audiences so … if you are looking for the comparisons of the current iOS King, “iPhone X”, and upcoming King of Android, “Galaxy S9+”, the meal will be served after you finish reading our article here (or rather … watching because we are focusing on the following two videos to provide you a immense insights of which smartphone you should choose).


Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus vs iPhone X SPEED Test

Thanks @EverythingApplePro that we have this incredible easy eye testing (don’t get me wrong that we like numbers such as statistics or … some benchmark testings but … most of the time, straightforward method is the way to go) “Speed Test” on Galaxy S9+ and iPhone X. The result … well… you should see it yourself. We can only tell you that … Galaxy S9+ exceeds our expectation on this turf.


Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus vs iPhone X Camera Review

This one credited back to @TheTechChap. Again, it gives us the plain and fundamental way to see which phone offers the best camera(s) as of today. There are a few significant differences here due to the strategy on the camera offerings; hence the outputs (photos and videos) differ in good ways. For instance, the color and image smoothness auto-adjusting on Galaxy S9+ (well… it’s on Samsung’s flagship phones in general) are looking unreal in a good way. It’s like you somehow have a great makeup on your face when taking selfies on S9+. On the contrary, the colour on the iPhone X looks more natural. In addition, both phones handle the low light environment extremely well. From the pure eye test, you can tell that Galaxy S9+ handles the low light scenarios better but iPhone X is doing very well on this front as well.

Well… enough for the read. Since “seeing is better than hearing” (in this case … “seeing is better than reading” here)… get on and watch the video below and jump on a conclusion yourself 🙂