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Just A Funny Mystery Sports Video Today :)

That’s right… if you are looking for a tech story, news, information… or anything tech related today, it’s not going to be the case since … this “Super Westbrook Slam Ball in the thin air” video went viral couple of days back, we would like to just share this with all of our audiences here ^_^

Take a look at the video and just guess where the ball actually went?

We all know that Westbrook probably not a human… either he is a super human, a robot, or an alien. Do you remember that 3 years ago, Westbrook was hit (kneed by his teammate) and his face got a dent (take a look at the video below). It felt super painful but … he took it like a robot or a super human… or something.


The Mystery Is Solved?

Well… the ball disappeared in the thin air? Is that what really happened? If you looked closely at the 0:05 ~ 0:06 second frame, you would notice that Payton (the player who wore the #2 white jersey) actually took the ball with one hand (his left hand). You can, in fact, hear the bounce sound and he (Payton) slightly lowered his left shoulder to grab the ball with his left hand. So … it’s not magicit’s just a perfect timing… just like every successful technology adoption, it’s the timing not the actual advancement of the technology.

Wanna have a proof? You think the SnapChat is the original idea (invention) of the disappearing messages? Nope, it wasn’t. Back in 2010, there is an app called “Tiger Text” and they were the first onto this turf but the timing wasn’t right so … After that, SnapChat came along with the perfect timing which the smartphone adoption was mature in their target users’ section which is high school students. They took off and never looked back… end of story. (March 01, 2010 article)

"TigerText Deletes Text Messages From Receiver's Phone"



Perfect Timing Is The Key For Success