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Amazon FREE Whole Foods Delivery to Prime Members

This news have made a big splash since yesterday. Since consumers already has so many different choices from so many different players including Walmart’s “Walmart® Grocery Pickup”? Why is this a big deal? Well… it’s a scary move for all big and small grocery stores (chains or not) … BECAUSEit’s a 2 hours FREE delivery to Amazon’s Prime Members. If you count how huge the Amazon Prime army is, you know that it’s going to make a dent on this industry.


FREE 2-Hour Delivery

Amazon will start the FREE 2-hour Whole Foods orders delivery on Thursday this week to Prime Members in Atlanta and San Francisco for orders over $35 USD. This is especially beneficial to those working parents family or working couples who either don’t have time to do grocery shoppings or just see get to the store is a trouble. Look, if you can sit in front of your screen and get your grocery delivered in 2 hours while you are working at home or from home or … even …at the office (yes, you can get orders delivered to your office before you finish your work and head back home), that’s going to be a big time-saver.


If you are leaving in an hour, you can put a rush order for an $7.99 USD rush order fee. So … leaving for a Basketball game in an hour but need to finish your grocery shopping… no problem… “Amazon + Whole Foods” has a solution for you (if you live in Atlanta or San Francisco… more cities will have the same access in the near future).



Do you know if you are the first time Prime Now user, you can save even more? Using the following codes to save even more 🙂

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Even if you don’t live in a city that Prime Now orders are available for now, you can still use the above coupons on Amazon Fresh purchase (coupon #4) and other Amazon orders (coupon #3). Coupons will expire on April 30, 2018


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