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Google Map Went Wild? How To Fix It

It does not happens often but it does throw¬†tantrum at you once in a while. And when it did, it’s really annoying and … well… it’s dangerous especially when you are driving (most of the time … this is the case … otherwise why you knew that your Google Map went wild, right? ^_^)


Suddenly Orientation Is Wrong

It’s not because you changed your Google Map settings, it is because it changed the settings itself somehow… The scenario here is … the blue triangle represents your vehicle suddenly isn’t facing the direction you are heading to… it might head south when you are going north… it might head east when actually you are heading west. It’s annoying and dangerous since you might need to make turns on the streets often and you just don’t know you should turn left or right before your brain can register the orientation of the Google Maps (navigation) on your phone.


What Happened?

It’s a bug on Google Map (Navigation) app. Somehow it changed settings itself while you are using it. The settings here which being enabled (automatically) mystically is “Keep map north up”. It hides a bit deep in the navigation app so … a lot of users might not notice that they have this option; therefore, when the bug occurs… you might not have any ideas what goes wrong. The first thought might be … “well… my phone is going crazy somehow… let’s reboot it and it should solve this mystery situation” after you already close the app and turned on the app couple of times. Unfortunately, even after you reboot your phone, you most likely will still face the same issue since most of the time the settings are persistent (… there is another setting which is to “remember your settings”… and most likely this setting is enabled). So … what do you do about it?


How to Fix It – Change Settings

That’s right. It’s that simple.

1) Just fire up your Google Maps on your phone. 

2) Tap the menu icon on the search field.
3) Tap the settings icon on the top right corner when the menu section slide open from the left.

4) Tap "Navigation" on the GETTING AROUND section

5) Scroll all the way down and DISABLE the "Keep map north up" setting





Remember to pull your car over on the side or just park your car in any safe area before you start changing the settings. It’s easy and quick but … you know when you are driving, even 0.01 second matters. So … Safety First.