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Target App Is Your Best Buddy :)

We cannot stress this enough that the revamped Target app is consumers’ best buddy “EVER”. There is no secret that we all need to do chores such as grocery, commodity, household, and other necessities shoppings. It’s annoying but … it’s “THE” thing that we need to do in weekly basis. Sure, some of the times that getting into stores and getting stuff into our shopping bags feel good. However, it’s really not a good thing when we need to do that weekly. When it becomes a (annoying) routine, it really gets in our ways when we do not want to do that the most.


Free 2-Days Shipping

That’s right. It’s like amazon that Target provides 2-days free shipping as well (when you spend $35 USD or more OR if you place orders with your TARGET RED CARD).

Most of the time we just wanna get everyday stuff such as toothpaste, detergent, shampoo, lotion, … etc… all of those stuff we would like to buy in advance before we run out of them. Therefore, there is really no need to rush into the store to get them. Do you know an average Target trip takes consumers, at least, ONE HOUR? That’s really unnecessary if we just wanna get some household stuff.

So … free 2-days shipping comes in handy in this situation. Just place into your shopping cart and pay with your Target RED card (you will get an extra 5% off entire purchase every single time when you use it… so … if you haven’t had it, you really should apply for one) and … voila, 2-days free shipping purchase is done.


You probably will receive your purchase way earlier than waiting for 2 days since Target uses their local stores to operate their online business as well so … instead of shipping from some warehouses, chances are that you will be getting your stuff from your local Target store … and chances are … you might be getting it in ONLY ONE DAY.


Better Pricing

If you use the Target app to make your purchases, you most likely will be getting the best pricing guaranteed. Most of the time, Target has better pricing within the app than in store. And … Don’t worry … if your store has promotions, the Target app will have the same promotions 100%.


Friendly User Interface

Unlike other ecommerce app, whenever it’s time for you to use coupons to get discounts… it’s either hidden in somewhere or just really awkward to get the coupon used… meaning that they do that on purpose (well… most of them anyway) so that they will make more $ out from you.

Target revamped app totally gets our back since it shows “GIANT” coupon information when you are ready to make a purchase. You will be really hard to ignore that information even if you try. In addition, most of the time Target offers great coupons for consumers to save. For instance, (besides 5% savings on the Target RED Card purchases) you are able to save 20% on “Baby stuff” purchases and about 25% savings on “Household Essentials” purchases as of this writing.


Terms and conditions apply to above coupon savings. For more details, go to your Target app and find out more.



If you think that Amazon is so intelligent that it can give you great suggestions of things to purchase, you would like the Target app as well. It will show you information about what you would more likely to purchase. Moreover, it will give you a heads up when some of your favorite items are on sale especially when you are in store. Therefore, you can look into the price to see if the online price is better than the store price. If so, just ask for the price match when you check out with the cashier.



The price match can only match 1 item (based on what we were told). Therefore, if you find some of your favorite items are on sale, just grab them online and pay with your RED card and … again … it will super-sonic(-ly) fast being delivered to your doorstep in no time 🙂



We know that Amazon is everywhere but, really, sometimes those physical stores are what we want especially if they also provide us a great online purchase options like the “NEW TARGET” does now. So … if you don’t have your Target RED Card… seriously… you should really consider to get one to make your life much much much easier and also … we are so sure that you will be much much much happier 🙂