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The Best Smartphone Mocking Video in 2017 – The Notch Head Fan

Since MWC this year has so many iPhone X top-notch style phones popping up every 10 feet while walking down the booths, we think that it’s a perfect timing to go back and visit the most funny mocking video of 2018 – “Samsung mocks Apple and the iPhone X“.

In the video above, you should fast-forward to 0:52 frame to see “THE FAN” who was waiting in line for the iPhone X. Look at his hair style and then look at the iPhone X top-notch on the display… 🙂 even if you know this already, it will make your day once again. You, for sure, will have a smile on your face. Well… a good one not a bad one. We personally think that this video is good for both camps. For Samsung, it really did the job to entertain and boost its Galaxy phones’ brand strength. For Apple, it’s the identity that they built on their side. Who knew that the “top-notch” would become the “MUST” for so many companies to copy and put on their lineups…. that’s right … “top-notch” replaced the “home button” to be the new iconic symbol of the Apple iPhone 🙂