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Asus – This Time is Too Much

Yesterday we praised one of Asus’ smartphone lineup – “Asus ZenFone Max Plus M1”… which is really a great budget phone to have in your pocket. However, when they later on unveiled the “ZenFone 5”, it’s just too much to take. It’s totally a copycat behavior with NO up sides on their end. Their decision of making a phone with iPhone X alike “top-notch” is just a totally stupid move from a big name like them. We understand that why other unknown players in this mobile-sphere went on and made iPhone X knock-offs since they would like to be on the first page of this event. They have a lot to gain but nothing to lose. However, on ASUS side… really… they have nothing to gain (since the notch does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING) but everything (their reputations) to lose.



Top Notch

On iPhone X, Apple made their design decision based on the functionality that they need to have in order to implement the “Face ID” feature. Therefore, it’s inevitable to have that notch on the top of the screen display. If it were from other phone makers, it would have been trashed to the grave yard already. But … since it’s from Apple, they totally got out from it without any serious scratches. Even though it’s still a criticizing point for so many reasons, it really provides a solution for the “Face ID” approach that Apple chose to take.

On Asus side (or other android phone makers who decided to have top-notch on their lineups as well… and there are a lot of them), there is just no reason at all to have that notch on the display. They simply put it there because … “it looks like an iPhone X”. They also said that their notch is slimmer when being questioned why they put that notch on the display… that’s really a dumb answer if not the dumbest for a big player like them.


Give Consumers What They Want?

This is really a big laughing point when asked that they are copying Apple… Marcel Campos, Asus’ global head of marketing, ‘but we cannot get away from what users want. You have to follow the trends.’

Giving what consumers want? Well… what exactly can those iPhone X top-notch knock-offs can give to consumers that something they can already do themselves? Don’t they know that on the Google Play Store android users can already install apps to turn their android phones into an iPhone X including the top-notch and two-sides pull down notifications? (Take a look at Turn Any Android Phone Into An IPhone X With Those 2 Apps)


iPhone X Lookalike Android Phones

That’s right… more and more iPhone X lookalikes are sprouting out everywhere. There is really no reason to have that notch up there but they put it there anyway for the iPhone (zen-sphere sake). If you cannot beat your enemy, join your enemy… maybe that’s the mantra that recently all the phone makers realized that … they really cannot compete with Apple so … well… just copy whatever they do… no innovation needed any more.

If you are interested in the iPhone X knock-offs android phones, you can take a look at CNBC article – “Meet the $40 Apple iPhone X lookalike“. There are iPhone X lookalike android phones ranging from $40 USD to $366 USD. But … really… if you want to have that top-notch, you can just install apps to make that notch on your gorgeous android phone display. Also, if you are tired of that look, you can always disable that top-notch… so … why bother to get a phone with a useless top-notch? We just don’t get it at all. Well… if ASUS is right… maybe consumers just want to have an iPhone X... if so, THEY WILL GET AN iPhone X instead of an android phone.