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Galaxy S9 Launch Even Will Be Live in 2 Hours & Launch Video Is Already Being Leaked

That’s right. The long waited Galaxy S9 Launch event will be live in about 2 hours from now (noon ET and 9 a.m. PT.). You will be able to watch it live through the live streaming on Samsung’s official website ( Just type on your browser and you will be able to get to it. Or … if you prefer from other 3rd parties live streaming broadcast events, you can do so. The one which we suggestion is CNET since you also will be able to hear some experts opinions about the newest and greatest device that Samsung is going to introduce to the world.


S9/S9+ Launch Video has been out already

Even though it’s not being introduced yet, the launch video has been leaked out for more than a day. You can watch the video above to see this gorgeous device that Samsung made. It’s a very very very good looking device. More impressively is that the ability to make this marketing video this attractive. Samsung has done a great job on this without any doubts.


Dual Camera Setting Only On S9+ Model

We need to say that … Samsung … don’t be a copycat. We know that Apple only puts dual camera settings on their larger size models (e.g., only on 7 plus and 8 plus but NOT on iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 models); however, you really don’t need to copy them every step along the way. It’s to a very annoying level that consumers won’t feel you anymore. For instance… “Apple Pay” then … “Samsung Pay”… oh … there is an “iCloud”… then … you have a “Samsung Cloud”. Can you guys do something more original just like you had done on the original NOTE series? That’s what brought you to the map which allowed you to compete with Apple in the first place. Well… the dual camera settings choice shows that you have lost your position to be able to conquer this smartphone war.


A Closer Look

The marketing messages are sent via this video are really imposing to a spectacular level. We are sure that it stirs something in consumers’ stomach (the impulse buying actions should follow soon after); however, if you take another look… it’s nothing significantly different from the previous S-serious or even the Note-series (without a pen on the S9/S9+ of course). The spirits underneath the device are almost the same that you can find from the previous devices. If you go through the marketing messages on the video again, you will find that those messages were sent via other forms in the previous launches as well. Sure … there are some minor improvements but … are those minute changes worthy of thousand dollars? Especially that we have so many other options that pricing around $500 USD or even less price mark (One Plus 5T, Google Pixel and Pixel 2 … just to name a few). Well… be the judge yourself since … the value of the physical objects is purely psychological since everyone has different views on different objects.



For sure, this is the greatest that Samsung has ever built (which new product at the launch time isn’t?). Also, for sure … consumers will buy it … BUT … the question here is … how well will it (S9/S9+) do on this sale? If the pricing is around $1,000 USD mark, we bet that it will do very very very poorly. Really… that’s a stupid move to get one grand out of your pocket to buy such a product which you can find a much cheaper alternative on the market easily. Sure… it’s pretty… sure … the marketing messages have been sent beautifully… but … that’s all. If there is no real innovation, there is really no way to disguise that.


If there is no real innovation, there is really no way to disguise that.