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Lottery Picks –

We mentioned this couple of weeks back that we’d like to have an app/website for lottery players to have their lucky numbers included in computer randomized number picking algorithm. What does this mean? In plain English is that if you have two lucky numbers (let’s say those two lucky numbers are “02” & “14”) and you would like to randomly having computer generating other three white balls plus a powerball (we are using PowerBall Lottery as an example here), you can do so. Just simply pick “02” & “14” as white balls and then other numbers will be randomly picked by the algorithm. So … how will you that? There is an app/website for that 🙂

My Lotto Castle

It not only gives you the freedom to include your lucky numbers in the “PowerBall” and “Mega Millions” Lottery plays but also let you save your picks on the cloud. Hence, you can have your lottery numbers saved and you can go back and check if you win the jackpot or not. In addition, you can easily know if you win any prizes since it grabs the drawing results and compares those  with data you saved on the cloud; therefore, you are able to check your winning results on your “Lotto Castle” once you log in.


Real Time Estimated Annuitized Jackpot

It also gives you the “Current Est. Annuitized Jackpot” for both “PowerBall” and “Mega Millions” Lottery plays in real time. For instance, “Powerball” is $269 millions (Est. Cash Value: $160.1 millions) for 02/24/2018 drawing as of this writing. “Mega Millions” is $204 millions (Est. Cash Value: $120.4 millions) for 02/23/2018 drawing.

Hence, you can just get on the site and have a peek to see how much the jackpot as of the time and decide if you want to buy the tickets for the current drawing or not. Pretty neat, isn’t it? 🙂


History Jackpot # also provides you the information of the past jackpot #. Just click the “Jackpot #” on the navigation menu on the top and you will be able to see the jackpot numbers of the past 10 drawings for “PowerBall” as well as “Mega Millions”. Furthermore, if you would like to get other jackpot # older than the past 10 drawings, you will be able to just have one click on and get to the right page of the “PowerBall” or “Mega Millions” official site to check on those historical winning numbers.



It’s a pretty neat service if you would like to have your lucky numbers mixed with computer randomized generated numbers and also would like to have data saved on the cloud along with a very clean interface to have basic lottery information being presented in front of you. To us, the “saved lottos” and “winning lottos” on the backend along with the ability for users to choose the date to view their saved or winning lottos are a great offerings since … we don’t usually check on whether we win any prizes when the winning numbers are unveiled right away. Often time… it’s already a week or two weeks later when we got time (or remember) to check on that.