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Android Phones Or iPhone? Which One Should You Choose?

First and foremost, the iPhones (iOS) and Android phones (android) have come to a phase that picking one over the other isn’t a superior/inferior platform debate anymore. Both platforms are great operating systems and both OS are mature enough to handle almost all the tasks you will need to do to go through your day. Therefore, in this writing, we would like to share our point of view of how to choose your smartphone based on your likings.


Choosing an iPhone, if you are…

1) If you do not like to spend time on picking and choosing necessity (software/apps) for your daily basic use. For instance, calculator, text message, voice recorder, mails, alarm clock, news, weathers, and all those goodies in the iWorks.

Because… they are all there and they are all great apps which really can get your jobs done in a very simple and straightforward way.

2) If you are a gamer even if not a hardcore gamer.

Because… iOS really handles gaming much better than the Android. The smoothness and the graphic transitions are just not being able to be compared.

3) If you loooovvvvvveeee the iMessage.

Because… the typing experience and those emoji PLUS animoji are just there at your disposal. No 3rd party complexity add-ons needed. Also, it works on all your Apple-devices (including iPad, Mac, Macbook … etc).



Choosing an Android phone, if you are…

1) If you like to fidget (things)…

Because… it gives you the freedom to even flash out the factory installed rom and get custom ones (if you know how to and … we meant that … you really know how to do it without killing your phone ^_^)

2) If you like discovering new apps…

Because… most of the factory installed apps (necessities for you to go through your day) aren’t that great. Some of them are even worse than … well… intolerable level. Hence, most of the time if you would like to make your life easier by using your android phone, you need to spend time on finding right apps on the Google Play Store.

For instance, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is a great phone but it does not come with a recording app. You need to get onto the play store to find a recording app which fits your needs. Of course, you can go to Samsung’s app store to download their recording app. However, their recording app might not suit what you desire (e.g., the limitation of the number of the characters for the file name is extremely short).


3) If you like better Google apps integrations…

Because… it’s Google’s operating system; therefore, you can guess that the integration must be way better than the integration on the iPhone.


For instance, the Google maps via voice assistant integration.

On Android Phones –


You can easily use Google’s voice assistant (just enable it and say “OK, Google”) to trigger it and open the maps app. After that, you can easily change directions, add stops, or close the app by just using voice commands. The Google maps will just modify the directions (if you change it or add stops) for you automatically without needing you to interact with it (meaning by tapping, touching, swiping or any sorts of actions requiring you to distract yourself from driving).


On iPhones –


You can only open Google maps by tap the app or using Siri to open Google assistant and then asking Google assistant to open Google maps. However, you still need to tap on the screen on every single command you give via Google assistant to the Google maps. Also, your location won’t be automatically updated until you start the Google maps turn by turn directions. In addition, any changing directions or adding stops won’t happen automatically. You should NOT expect to use voice commands on Google maps on the iPhones. If you need to have any direction changes, you should safely pull your call over, park your car, and then interacting with the app to set the destination then … getting back on the road again – “SAFETY FIRST”.


There you go… it’s a pretty simple and straightforward pick and choose set of rules. Hope this will help you choose your next smartphone. Cheers ~~~! 🙂