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Can You Use Your Voice to Unlock Your iPhone? Sort of … if You Have An iPhone X

We all know that if you have an android phone (not too old models), most likely you are able to just use the Google Assistant voice unlock feature to unlock your phone. How it works is that your voice is unique so your phone remembers your voice and store it as your unique password to unlock your phone. It works just like your fingerprint which is unique to yourself so … it’s pretty secure to a degree. Therefore, once you set up your Google Assistant, you can just interact with your android phones with or without your phones unlocked. Pretty cool, right? 🙂


iOS Does NOT Provide this Service

Even if iPhone users can use Google Assistant (GA) app on the iPhones, GA cannot be activated in the background. You can only interact with GA while it’s on the foreground so … it’s not that useful compared with the GA on the Android phones. Also, Apple didn’t open the door for GA to be able to unlock the iPhones … so the only way to unlock your iPhone is through Apple’s way which is using your fingerprint or input passcodes prior to iPhone X. Or unlock your iPhone X by using Face ID. And this brings us to the topic that is … “Unlock your iPhone X by using voice commands”. It’s not literally but it works in the following situation and it works like magic 🙂


Unlock Your iPhone X with Voice Command Only

This scenario is pretty useful since the situation you are in will be most likely to use voice commands only. So … what’s the use case scenario here? It’s … while you are driving. If you are driving and mount your iPhone X on the dashboard or anywhere in front of you (no need to be straight in front of you. It can be just mounted on the car AC Vents which is a bit side way from your face), you can use voice command to interact your iPhone X while it’s locked. The matter of the fact here is that iOS still requires you to unlock your iPhone but because of the magic of the Face ID on the iPhone X, you can unlock your phone sort of using your voice only. … … It is because the Face ID remembers your face even if only from one side of it… therefore, when you say “Hey Siri, play ESPN First Take on Youtube”, it will ask you to unlock your phone but also it will trigger its unlocking process so Face ID feature will be waken up and magically catch your face and unlock the phone then your phone will take the command you just gave and act accordingly.

It’s pretty awesome especially when iOS does not offer the voice unlock feature. Next time if you have your iPhone X in front of you (straight or side way), you can just speak and let your iPhone X do the heavy lifting without thinking of unlocking it first.