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Give Your Love One The Apple Watch Series 3 This Valentine’s Day for Half Of The Price

We brought the T-Mobile Valentine’s Day Apple Watch Series 3 deals yesterday and, really, this is the best Apple Watch Deals across the nation as of today. The deals you get are the Series 3 Watches with cellular capability built-in. Therefore, your watch can make and receive phone calls via the cellular network. So … basically, your watch is your phone and you don’t need to bring your iPhone with you if you don’t want to (some occasions such as a short run, or just a bit workout, or even running errands).


50% of 2nd Apple Watch Series 3 – DIGITS Plan Required

As we know that the Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + CELLULAR) model has a built-in SIM / eSIM that copies information from the iPhone’s SIM card, it needs to be activated and connected via supported carriers. T-Mobile is one of the carriers in the United States supports this type of service plans. So … there is a requirement for getting your 2nd Apple Watch Series 3 for half of its priceyou need to purchase T-Mobile’s Data with Paired DIGITS plan. Once it’s activated and paired, your Watch will be able to act like your iPhone. It will receive and make phone calls, text messages, and all sorts of things that your iPhone normally does using the same phone number.


How Much is The Data with Paired DIGITS plan?

It’s $10 USD per month for one line. Also, you will need to finance those two Apple Watches with T-Mobile through its EIP (Equipment Installment Plan). Therefore, it’s going to be a 24 months payments for the DIGITS Plan for both devices as well. This is something that you should keep in mind before you make your decisions.


*Data with Paired DIGITS comes with unlimited data at 512 kbs.


What is T-Mobile DIGITS?

Since we mentioned the Data with Paired DIGITS plan, we would like to talk a bit about T-Mobile’s new (well… it’s been couple of months already) initiative which is its DIGITS feature. So … “What is T-Mobile DIGITS?”It’s T-Mobile’s own iOS like “Continuity” offering but it is across android and iOS platforms. Unlike iOS “Continuity” feature which only works on iOS devices, T-Mobile’s “Continuity” offering can be activated on both iOS and Android devices.


Use Case Scenario

If you only need to have all of your devices sharing one phone number and you are already using all Apple devices then you don’t need T-Mobile’s DIGITS feature. However, if you wanna integrate your work phone number, personal phone number, and many couple of different phone numbers into a single identity, then … T-Mobile DIGITS offering can be a real life saver.

Let’s say you have 3 different phone numbers (for work, family, and friends) bundled with 3 different phones. You normally carry 3 phones with you and juggling among them all the time. If you use T-Mobile’s DIGITS offering, you will be able to tie your identity with 3 different phone numbers in one single primary phone number. After you set it up (on any device… the DIGITS is tied to you not to the device. Therefore, you can switch devices anytime), you will be able to receive calls and text messages with one devices from 3 different numbers. Of course, you will be able to tell right away which number is getting the call when you receive the calls or which number received the texts when you got the messages.

Click here for more information about T-Mobile DIGITS